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It has been almost a year since I moved to Portland and in that time, I haven’t had the room or the time to make or sell any of the somewhat infamous “NOOB Zoom H1 shock mounts”. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to check out one of the low price competitors. Meet the MOVO SMM2, at $12.99 it this low price shock mount seems like a pretty good deal.

Zoom H1 shock mount (4 of 4)

At this price, you get what you expect out the MOVO SMM2, mostly plastic with what appear to be rubber o-rings as a suspension system. While this makes the SMM2 extremely affordable it also makes the suspension system very rigid.

Zoom H1 shock mount (1 of 1)

Place a Zoom H1 in the MOVO SMM2 shock mount and it’s so well secured that you could basically use the 1/4 20 on the back of the Zoom for mounting. I’ll post some audio samples when I get a chance, but the MOVO SMM2 really needs some suspension bands that are far less rigid.

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The cold shoe on the MOVO SMM2 shock mount is all plastic and it isn’t really designed for anything heavy. On the other hand, the suspension system would be better for a much larger, heavier mic, but the shock mount isn’t really designed for that. So what you end up with is a suspension system that is way to solid on an unsold frame which is a disappointing combination.

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I’ll post a full review when I get a chance, but so far the MOVO SMM2 shock mount isn’t looking like a good Zoom H1 shock mount. It is hard to believe that my original Zoom h1 shock mount is still viable after all this time. I might have to fire up the 3d printers again.

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