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11Jun Adobe Premiere Pro CC OpenCL speed tests

I’ve been searching for some Premiere Pro OpenCL speed tests and I finally found a few results. Keep in mind that these numbers come directly from AMD’s blog and only compare high price Quadro cards with AMD’s FirePro lineup. I’m sure statements about competitors products aren’t at all skewed or mis represented by data sets. Usually claims […]

25Dec MSI GTX 660 TI 2G OC Graphics Card

If you want to speed up your rendering times and smooth out effects playback in CS6 a Nvidia GTX graphics card is a very nice upgrade. My main editing bay uses a GTX 670 which will set you back around $400, but over the last few months Nvidia has released some slightly more affordable graphics cards that have […]

22Sep Monitor Color Calibration

A lot of monitor manufactures will make odd adjustments to their displays in an effort to make them look better on the show room floor. This might make colors pop out at you, but it doesn’t do much for accurate color reproduction. Some monitors like the ultra low price Catleap 2560×1440 IPS Display don’t include any […]

10Aug Datacolor Spyder 3 express monitor calibration tool for the YAMAKASI CATLEAP IPS display

One of the things about the Catleap IPS 2560×1440 monitor that makes it so affordable is that there are no color controls or on screen controls built in. This saves money on the monitor, but means that color adjustments have to be made using the graphics card adjustment window. If you know any graphic design artiest […]

19Jul DSLR Audio editing tips for post production: Auto Gate

Running audio and video equipment at the same time can be a lot of work. Sometimes it’s easy to miss simple things on one device or the other because your focus is divided between two sets of equipment. An example of this is ambient room noise from fans or air-conditioning systems. The noise might not be […]

12Jul Affordable 2560×1440 IPS editing monitor from YAMAKASI CATLEAP

I’ve always found it nice to edit on a single large monitor and for the past 2 years I’ve been relatively happy with the Hanns-G 28 inch screen I use. At 1920×1200, it gives me enough editing room to work, but I always find myself jabbing at the – and = key (or Alt scroll wheel if that’s […]

31Mar New laptop showed up. Quick look at the DELL XPS 15.

The new Dell XPS 15 laptop showed up while I was out on the road. Thankfully or not, I’ve been sick for 2 days straight, so between medication, hot baths, and cough drops, I’ve been able to mess around with it. My first impression is that this beast is only slightly smaller then my old […]

08Mar In search of a new Laptop.

It takes a lot of computer power to edit DSLR footage natively. I normally do most of my editing back home on my desktop, but I finished up early today, so I though I might head back to the motel, startup CS4 on my laptop, and do a little bit of editing. My laptop was […]