I’ve been searching for some Premiere Pro OpenCL speed tests and I finally found a few results. Keep in mind that these numbers come directly from AMD’s blog and only compare high price Quadro cards with AMD’s FirePro lineup. I’m sure statements about competitors products aren’t at all skewed or mis represented by data sets. Usually claims of xx% faster can be divided in half for real world values.


But even if the numbers are being stretched, it’s still likely that the OpenCL cards are performing at least as good or better than CUDA cards. According to the AMD post, these numbers represent rendering times when using GPU supported effects. That doesn’t necessarily cover every GPU accelerated action, like ray tracing for example, but it’s still a pretty good sign of what OpenCL can achieve.

Right now you can pick up a used Radeon HD 7970 card for around $300 on ebay. That’s about $50 to $70 less than the used price of a slightly lower performing GTX 680 card. New prices fall into the same category with a new HD 7970 running around $380, and a new GTX 680 running around $420.

Even with the lower price, many rank the HD 7970 as a better performing card overall and the extra 1GB of onboard memory gives it even more of a boost at higher resolutions. On top of that, the money you save on the card can be spent on more ram, hard drive space, or any number of other improvements. Hopefully Nvidia will start to rethink their pricing structure as OpenCL starts to make a stronger move into non gaming markets.

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