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25Apr Sony URX-P03D 2 channel UHF wireless transmitter system

I haven’t seen a whole lot of news on the new Sony URX-P03D 2 channel UHF wireless system, maybe that’s because there is no word yet on shipping dates and pricing, or maybe it is because no one can remember the catchy name. Either way, this is an interesting little system. Basically, the Sony URX-P03D is a […]

19Mar Feeding two Lav mics into a 3.5mm Audio port on the cheap

There are tons of very expensive audio adapters out there that allow you to mix XLR and 3.5 mm audio sources into your camera, sometimes you just need to feed two lav mics into your camera on the cheap. That’s where the $4.50 Hosa stereo breakout cable comes in handy. After all, most Lav mic kits […]

01Mar Monoprice 2.4GHz Wireless Mic system $49.99

Over a Year ago, I put together the review above of the Monoprice 2.4Ghz Wireless mic system. It isn’t the best wireless system in the world but at the time of the review, it was a decent value for the price. Since then there have been a lot of clones on the market and most […]

28Feb Saramonic Uwmic10 Dual body-pack 2 channel receiver now out

When I reviewed the Saramonic UwMic10 UHF system a few weeks ago, you could only buy a single transmitter and receiver set. This is odd when you consider that the receiver is capable of handling two channels simultaneously. Saramonic has finally picked up production and released a dual transmitter two channel set. At $399 this UHF […]

16Feb Audio-Technica System 10 – First impressions hands on

I’ve had the Audio-Technica System 10 sitting under my desk for more than a month and I’m finally starting to get some time to try it out. If you aren’t familiar with the System 10, basically it is another of many Wifi (2.4Ghz) based wireless lav systems that has hit the market over the last year or […]

15Feb Saramonic UwMic10 Dual Channel UHF wireless System Review

UHF wireless systems have come a long way regarding price and ability over the last five years. Not long ago, if you wanted a UHF wireless lav system, your two main options were either Sennheiser or Sony, with only a few somewhat suspect alternatives. However, in 2016, there are literally dozens of companies offering wireless lav […]

26Feb Aspen Lav and JK MIC-J 044 lav are basically the same

On the left we have the JK MIC-J lav mic and on the right we have the Aspen lav mic. They both look very similar and from a distance it’s hard to tell them apart. The included foam filters are the same for both, as are the tie clips, but there are slight physical differences between the two. […]

23Feb Azden 330LT UHF Stereo Wireless system – First impressions

I normally use Sennheiser G series wireless units, but I’ve always been attracted to the idea of a dual channel receiver system. While I’m not as excited about the all plastic build of the Azden 330LT UHF system, it is really nice that the system only requires one dual channel receiver on camera instead of […]