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07Mar Behind the scenes in the DSLR FILM NOOB studio

A few of you were asking about the DSLR FILM NOOB studio, so I thought I’d give you a quick walk through. The studio is currently a disaster area right now. I’ve been in and out on a number of jobs and instead of putting things away I’ve been leaving stuff on the floor and other […]

01Oct Canon 55mm f1.2 FD lens on the EOS-M body

In the past I’ve strongly recommended against using FD glass on modern Canon cameras. This is because the flange distance on a normal Canon DSLR requires you to use an optical adapter or in some cases a specially machined adapter that only works with some lenses and is very expensive for what it is ($70 or […]

30Sep Canon EOS-M – first impressions

I think the Canon EOS-M might be my new recommendation for filmmakers on a tight budget. I used to recommend the Canon t2i, but the price of the EOS-M makes it very attractive. You get a much smaller form factor, more lens options thanks to the flange distance, and you no longer have to deal […]

21Mar Canon announces the T5i and SL1 more of the same

Many people expected the next crop sensor DSLR from Canon to have a new image sensor as well as a few more advanced features. Instead it appears the new T5i and SL1 will be using the exact same 18 megapixels sensor with the same 4.3 µm photo diode size as the T2i and 7d. Canon hasn’t done […]

24Mar Sescom USB to 3.5mm headphone monitoring cable – Video Review

First i’d like to note that there is a mistake in this video. As of right now Magic Lantern audio functions are not working on the T3i. They are working on it, but the t3i and 600d have a different audio chip then the rest of canon’s cameras making it difficult to enable audio functionality. […]

07Jul Cheapest Entry Level DSLR choices for video.

Adam wrote in I have recently graduated from college having completed a degree in Television production. I am mainly interested in making short films.  I wanted to get my own gear but I don’t have the resources available to buy a lot of gear so I am looking into buying a decent DSLR and build up my kit […]

05Jul Decoded LP-E8 batteries for your Canon T2i.

I’ve been using cheap generic LP-E8 batteries with my Canon T2i for awhile and they seem to work well enough, but the battery indicator on the camera doesn’t work quit right.  When you plug a battery into the camera it gives you an indication of 3/4 full, then sometimes drops to blinking red or worse […]

04Mar Zeikos T2i Battery Grip.

I’ve always enjoyed my Zeikos battery grip for the Canon 7d, so I went back to them for my Canon t2i Battery Grip. The price is a little bit higher then some of the other brands but it’s still quit a bit lower then the Canon brand battery grip. The buttons feel very nice and […]

28Feb DSLR vs Camcorder, whats best for you?

James from powermultisport.com wrote in. “How would the Canon t2i stack up against a dedicated camcorder like the Canon VIXIA HF M30 Camcorder for roughly half the price?” Even though cameras like the Canon T2i are a great value, they still might not be the right option for everyone. The first thing to really consider is […]

25Feb More on Adding audio monitoring to your DSLR.

As promised here is the how to video guide, along with a quick demo. Yes My headphones are lime green, I know. Back on subject, you’ll notice in the video that the Red HDMI cable is plugged in and working at the same time as the usb-composite adapter (Canon AVC-400ST is the proper name). Since […]