Canon eos t5i front
Many people expected the next crop sensor DSLR from Canon to have a new image sensor as well as a few more advanced features. Instead it appears the new T5i and SL1 will be using the exact same 18 megapixels sensor with the same 4.3 µm photo diode size as the T2i and 7d. Canon hasn’t done much for the focusing system Either. With only 9 cross type focus points (same as the T4i) on the T5i and the almost useless Hybrid AF cmos screen added to the sensor (same as the T4i), you wont see much improvement over previous Rebel releases. Canon’s press release for the T5i is also one of the shortest I’ve seen for a new DSLR release.

So what’s really been added? It looks like the only thing the T5i has to offer over the T4i is a higher numbered name, a few new picture style presets, and some renamed features. I suppose you could pre-order the T5i for $749, but I’m not sure why you would when the T4i sells for $648 new.

Canon eos SL1 front
The Canon SL1 is slightly more interesting. The tag line here is “world’s smallest and lightest DSLR”. Again, this is basically the guts of a T4i crammed into a smaller form factor. This time however, Canon has removed 8 of the 9 cross type focus points. The one cross type sensor that’s left (center) is only cross type at F5.6 and above otherwise it’s vertical line-sensitive only down to f/2.8.

I guess if you need a camera that weighs less then a pound (14.36 oz) it might be worth a look. Maybe the SL1 combined with the 40mm pancake would make a decent travel option. Otherwise you’re back to the T4i as the superior choice.

As with many of Canon’s announcements there isn’t much new to see here. If you already have a DSLR with this sensor which covers every crop sensor DSLR Canon makes from the T2i forward there isn’t much reason to upgrade. Save your money, someday they’ll finally release the a new high performance sensor for crop bodies. At that point it might actually be time for an upgrade, maybe that will be the Canon 7d mark II or maybe it’ll be the T7i. I’m not really sure if it’ll show up this year, apparently it takes 3 to 5 years for Canon to innovate on much of anything.

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