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31May Generic Canon EF to Sony NEX Smart Lens Adapter

As the release date of the Sony A7s looms large on the horizon, i’ve started looking at EF to Sony NEX lens adapters. The most obvious choice and the one I’ve had a chance to try out is the Metabones Mark III adapter. However, lately i’ve noticed that there are a few generic electronic adapters on the […]

29May Canon 55mm f1.2 FD on the Panasonic GH4 raw files

A few of you were asking about the Canon 55mm FD f1.2 lens and what I meant when I said the lens is “slightly softer” and that the lens “lacks a few lens coatings”. So I thought I would give a few examples and post a few raw images from the GH4 so you can get […]

29May ASUS 28″ 3840×2160 4k 60hz monitor coming june 10th

If you are in the market for a 4k (UHD 3840×2160) 60hz panel and you weren’t happy with the build quality of the Samsung U28D590D 4k monitor you might want to take a look at the Asus PB287Q 28″ monitor. It’s basically the exact same screen crammed into a much better stand and case combination […]

28May Canon 55mm f1.2 FD on the Panasonic GH4

I was half heartedly looking at the Voigtlander 42.5mm f0.95 a few weeks ago as my next m4/3 prime lens purchase and that got me thinking about the Canon 55mm f1.2 prime lens I have in my EOS-M kit. At around $300 used the Canon FD 55mm f1.2 is about $700 less than the Voigtlander 42.5mm […]

27May Panasonic GH4 on a 1/4 20 Mic stand mounting adapter

I know the Panasonic GH4 is a lightweight compact camera, but this really shows how little it takes to support it. I wanted to position the GH4 above a table for some quick 4k hands on product shots, but none of my tripods really allow me to get the camera into the right position. Normally I […]

24May Chargercity DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Mount Review

As you can see from the video, the DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Mount adapter has a pretty strong grip for a spring loaded clamp. I wouldn’t have any problem trusting this as an attachment point for a smartphone or the TP-Link wireless router on a rig. If you are looking for a car or motorcycle mounting option you might want […]

23May Swivl pan and tilt Multipurpose robotic platform – First impressions

Short rant about Kickstarter Before I dive into the Swivl, first a little note about kickstarter. You might have noticed that I no longer post much about new camera related kickstarter projects. That’s because out of the 9 or so projects I’ve backed so far only three projects went off without a hitch. Four had major delays (like […]

22May Samsung 4k monitor U28D590D $597!

The price of the Samsung U28D590D 4k monitor has been all over the place and today is no exception. Right now on ebay you can find the Samsung U28D590D 4k panel for just $597 with free shipping. The price is great but keep in mind this is shipping direct from Korea, so you’ll have to […]

22May Canon 5d mark III body $2599

I’ve been happily shooting on a pair Canon 5d mark III’s since the camera was released and despite the improvements in image quality other cameras might offer I still find it an enjoyable experience. If you bought the 5d mark III when I did you would have paid around $3200, but the price for a […]

22May DSLR Smartphone Hot Shoe Mount – First impressions

I know a number of you are using the DSLR Controller app and the TP-Link wireless hack I posted awhile back to control and monitor your camera. The problem is that there aren’t a lot of cheap simple ways to mount the TP-link or your phone (unless you count velcro). I try to keep an eye out for […]