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23Mar Traded in my 5d mark III for a Sony A7s II

I’ve been shooting on the Canon 5d mark IIIĀ for about 4 years now and Canon bodies in general for almost seven years. During that time, I’ve stuck with the Canon 5d mark IIIĀ even as I began to shoot more and more on the Panasonic GH4. Even though many have complained about the lack of resolution […]

05Jun Canon 6d body $1099

While I’ve been shooting more and more with my Panasonic Gh4 and Sony A7s I’ve still held on to the Canon 6d body. It’s a solid camera and what I take with me when I need to shoot stills and video while traveling light. Right now the Canon 6d body is on sale for $1099 […]

21Feb Watson Pearstone Duo LCD battery charger

A number of you asked about the battery charger I mentioned in the last podcast. Basically the tick is to buy one of the cheaper Watson or Pearstone versions for $39 or $19 respectively and then pick up the battery plates you need for the batteries you use. Depending on the battery charger you select […]

10Jun Canon 6d + 24-105mm f4 $1899 combo deal

I still have and use the Canon 6d on a regular basis. It’s a great full frame stills camera and a pretty decent video camera (minus the moire issues). If you are in the market, seller “beststopdeals” on ebay has a very attractive combo deal. Right now they are selling the Canon 6d body with […]

14Mar Canon 6d body on sale for $1499

There’s another Canon 6d body sale on ebay. This time you can pick the Canon 6d up for $1499 with free shipping. The deal ends in 19 hours so if you want one you might want to move fast. As with all of these ebay sales, they are most likely selling a Canon 24-105mm f4/6d […]

13Mar Wasabi LP-E6 battery and charger combo

I’ve tried out a number of different generic decoded batteries on the market and the majority of those batteries worked fine in the Canon 7d and 5d mark II. Unfortunately this hasn’t been the case with the Canon 6d and 5d mark III. Canon has crippled their new cameras with all kinds of battery detection, […]

24Jan Canon 6d on Sale for $1350 new

Quick heads up Ebay seller 6ave has the Canon 6d body on sale for $1350 new with free shipping. If you are in the market for a full frame camera that’s a pretty darn good price. Supplies are limited so if you want one, you better move fast.

14Jan Canon 6d body’s back under $1500 on ebay

Looks like the Canon 6d is swinging back down to holiday sales levels. Currently the Canon 6 body is available for $1475 with free shipping on ebay. You can also get it as a combo deal with the Canon 24-105 f4 IS lens for just $1900. That means you’ll be paying about $1400 for the […]

06Dec Canon 6d $1415 on Amazon

  Not sure what the heck is going on with the 6d, is Canon already planning to drop it? The price has fallen yet again on Amazon, yesterday it was $1500, now you can pick it up for $1415 with free shipping. I wonder why the price is bouncing around so much. You’re thoughts?

05Dec Permanent price drop on Canon 6d?

The Canon 6d bounces around in price quite a bit, but the average price up until recently has been around $1700. After the round of black Friday and cyber Monday sales started to taper off, the Canon 6d remains at $1507 with free shipping on Amazon. Is this the new standard price for a 6d […]