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18Oct Canon 6d back to $1499 on ebay

The Canon 6d body is back down to $1499 on ebay yet again. Same seller as the previous sales. The trick with these guys is that they buy a bunch of body/lens kit packs when they are on sale then separate the lens and body and sell them separately. The result is that you get […]

17Oct Canon 6d body $1574 on Amazon!

Right now you can grab a Canon 6d body on Amazon for just $1574. That’s about $75 more than the lowest price I’ve seen on ebay, but then you don’t have to go through ebay. Also the 6d qualifies for prime shipping. Not sure how long this Amazon sale will last so act fast if […]

13Oct Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM lens – First impressions

The Canon EF-M 22mm f2 prime is a must for Canon EOS-M owners. Currently the only prime designed specifically for the EF-M mount, it’s 22mm design gives you a 35mm field of view on a crop sensor body. Even though f2 isn’t exactly ground breaking in the world of prime lenses, the $99 (with free […]

11Oct Canon 5d mark III $2575

There is a one day sale on the Canon 5d mark III on ebay right now. For $2575 you can pick up a 5d mark III body from seller bigvalueinc. This is the same ebay store that I picked up a 6d body from a few weeks back for just $1499. These deals are sporadic and […]

09Oct Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 lens on the EOS-M body

The Canon FD 35-105mm F3.5 lens can be had for well under $100 on ebay and offers up an equivalent 56-168mm field of view on the Canon EOS-M body. That range easily covers medium to close up shots making it an ideal and affordable zoom to pair with the Canon EOS-M. (Above) The lens is […]

07Oct Canon EOS-M HDMI output

A few people were asking about the HDMI output of the Canon EOS-M. In this case I have the magic lantern overlays enabled, but basically it’s a cropped 1080p signal that’s very similar to the Canon 7d‘s hdmi output. There isn’t any change to the hdmi output when you hit record and no blinking to […]

03Oct Low price wireless DSLR Controller solution

DSLR Controller is an app I’ve demonstrated with the Nexus 7 as a monitor and controller for your camera. Now they’ve released an update that allows you to use a Google TV style dongle with a usb battery brick to accomplish the same thing via wifi. You can download the app for your dongle here and the DSLR […]

02Oct Gigabit speeds via wireless AC with ASUS AC68 adapter

I’ve been very happy with my Freenas build. Theres plenty of storage in a small form factor and it’s very reasonably priced. The only problem is that since i’ve moved I haven’t had access to a hardwired connection. I’ve upgraded my wireless router to something that supports 802.11ac, however the first PCI-e card I picked up […]

01Oct Canon 55mm f1.2 FD lens on the EOS-M body

In the past I’ve strongly recommended against using FD glass on modern Canon cameras. This is because the flange distance on a normal Canon DSLR requires you to use an optical adapter or in some cases a specially machined adapter that only works with some lenses and is very expensive for what it is ($70 or […]