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28Apr Aputure DEC LensRegain, M43 speedbooster and follow focus

Want a focal reducer (a.k.a speed booster) for your Panasonic GH4 as well as a wireless follow focus and camera control system? Meet the Aputure DEC LensRegain which is basically an upgraded version of the original Aputure DEC with a Metabones speed booster style .75x focal reducer built in. Image quality of the a Aputure DEC LensRegain looks top notch […]

19Dec Canon 24-70mm f2.8 cinema converted lens

I’ve been seeing these start to pop up on ebay. It’s a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 lens that’s had a cinema conversion done. Basically this means that they’ve machined a new housing and added focus and zoom rings to the lens. The modification looks pretty sharp and the markup doesn’t seem outrageous. At the time of […]

05Sep V-Control USB Focus controller Video Review

The V-Control USB focus controller has finally started to show up on ebay. At less then half the price of other focus controllers ($185) it offers a number of improvements over other models on the market. Things like the half press record/focus button, a digital display of the step settings, easy adjustment for send speed, and […]

19Aug V-Control USB Focus Controller – First Impressions

Since the release of the Okii usb follow focus last year, a number of companies have released similar priced units with little to no innovation. It’s nice to see that a company has finally done something different with the concept.  Meet the V-Control USB Focus Controller from Aputure. The first thing you’ll notice is the black window […]

10Mar Yet another USB Follow focus controller

I’ve slowly warmed up to the Okii USB follow focus as a remote camera controller though the follow focus function still isn’t amazing. When I purchased mine the Okii was $300, now it looks like the price is $400, but at least now it has labels on all of the buttons.  Another option is the clunky square shaped Light Craft Helmsmen USB […]

24Sep Cheap Flexible Focus gears for your Follow focus

Focus gears can get kind of pricey depending on who you buy them from, so when I see one for $10.25, I’m a little skeptical of the quality. The basic idea of this little guy is that you can tighten the flexible gear on to your lens’s focus ring and your left with a one size fits […]

26May Another cheap Focus lever follow focus.

Geared follow focus setups can be costly. Another option is to attach something to your lens. Or for $8 you can buy one of these. It’s basically a tie wrap with a hole and an adapter that allows you to attach a rod. The rod gives you subtle control over lens focusing. It’s a good […]

08Feb Okii USB follow focus review

My Okii USB follow focus showed up in the mail on Thursday of last week and I was able to spend the entire weekend messing around with it. The first notable thing about the Okii USB follow focus is the packaging. The unit arrived in a small tin with a nice little see-through cover and […]