The V-Control USB focus controller has finally started to show up on ebay. At less then half the price of other focus controllers ($185) it offers a number of improvements over other models on the market. Things like the half press record/focus button, a digital display of the step settings, easy adjustment for send speed, and the stills/video switch make it much easier to use. It’s also nice that it doesn’t require a screwdriver to change out the battery.

The fact that the V-Control also includes, 15mm rail mounting options as well as a leather case also make it a better value then some of the other options. It’s nice to see that Aputure didn’t just make a clone of the Okii unit, but updated and improved the design. The V-Control is much more user friendly and easy to learn. If you’re in the market for a camera controller, the V-Control USB focus controller is definitely one to consider.

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