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30Apr Nyrius Aries Prime HDMI wireless transmitter follow up – so far so bad

The Nyrius Aires prime I ordered finally showed up yesterday and I had a short amount of time to play around with it this morning. There is not a lot to describe about the packaging. Basically what you see is what you get. There is a single right angle USB adapter included in the box as well […]

29Apr CHAUVET LED Pinspots for that undead look

I was working on the set of a horror feature last week, shooting in an old warehouse. The scene we were working on required our actress to come into view out of the darkness in undead makeup and the director asked if I had anything that would emphasize the dead and pale look that our makeup artist was going for. The […]

28Apr Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware overview video

Here’s a quick overview of the leaked Canon firmware update. So far I haven’t had any problems. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to post some color correction tests later on this week. For now this should help you find your way around the convoluted menu. The real firmware is still due for release on the […]

27Apr Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware HDMI output

I had a chance to test out the Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware last night and I still haven’t found a setting that allows you to pass audio to the Ninja 2 via HDMI. I’m also still trying to figure out how to trigger the record start/stop on the Ninja via the camera.  I’m […]

26Apr 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware has no audio out via HDMI

Just tested the new Canon 5d mark III firmware with the Atomos Ninja 2. I can confirm that there is no audio output put over HDMI in recorder mode. Very big disappointment. I’ll be driving for the next 4 hours. More info once I get to my destination.

26Apr Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware leaked

Someone has just leaked the Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware. I’ve installed it on one camera (my camera above) and it appears to be working. More info once I’ve had a chance to test it. You can find a link to download it here. Use at your own risk. Thanks to Carlos for pointing […]

25Apr Atomos Ninja 2 4 track audio

The Atomos Ninja 2 showed up yesterday and I had a little bit of time to play around with it last night. The Canon 5d mark III firmware upgrade won’t be released until next week, but having the Ninja 2 early gives me a chance to dig through the menus and get used to it’s controls. Although batteries are […]

24Apr 50″ 4k display for $1499

It was only a matter of time before 4k displays started falling in price and this is the first one I’ve seen in what I would consider a reasonable price range. $1499 on tigerdirect gets you a 50″ 3840 x 2160 LED display made by Seiki which might just be small enough for an editors […]

24Apr Hero 3 Protective slip on lens protector

If you need to use the microphone port or HDMI port on the Gopro hero 3, you’ll have to use the naked case which doesn’t provide any protection for the lens. If you are like me you’ll still be exposing the hero 3 to danger even if you aren’t planning to dunk it under water. While the hero […]

23Apr Rocketfish Ultra thin HDMI cables

Stiff inflexible HDMI cables can be a pain when trying to route them through a rig. For that reason I use a lot of the Mediabridge Flex series cables. They aren’t as thick as a normal cables and they don’t put force on connectors. The price is also only slightly higher than normal HDMI cables. […]