Ninja 2 Canon 5d mark III 6

I had a chance to test out the Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware last night and I still haven’t found a setting that allows you to pass audio to the Ninja 2 via HDMI. I’m also still trying to figure out how to trigger the record start/stop on the Ninja via the camera.  I’m guessing it’s in the time code settings, but i’ll have to spend some more time play around with it.

Ninja 2 Canon 5d mark III 3

When I first looked at the HDMI output menu, I was a little confused by the choices of auto and 24p. I thought at first this meant that you only had the option to sending a 24p signal via HDMI to the Ninja 2, but after playing around with it for a little while I released what was going on. In auto mode the Ninja 2 would report a 29.97p signal on the input as soon as it was powered up.

Ninja 2 Canon 5d mark III 9

It turns out that if you have the camera’s HDMI output set to auto, it actually adjusts the output frame rate to the settings in the movie record menu. I haven’t had a chance to try PAL settings yet, but it looks like all of the 1080p settings in NTSC are working. I have a little free time this afternoon, hopefully I’ll have a chance to record a few test shots with the Ninja 2 and see how they grade. I’ll keep you posted.

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