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13May Canon 5d mark III clean hdmi output testing with difference matte

Here’s the sample clip from yesterdays post. As I mentioned it’s hard to tell the difference between the footage from the Ninja 2 and the Canon 5d mark III. At first glance the footage doesn’t look much different. However the 200% zoom in side by side comparison I posted yesterday doesn’t quite tell the whole […]

12May Canon 5d mark III clean HDMI output compared to ALL-I in camera

  I finally had a chance this morning to take a look at the clean hdmi output of the Canon 5d mark III and compare it to the internal codec. At 200% there isn’t really a big difference in image quality. There does seem to be a little bit of color shift in the ninja […]

27Apr Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware HDMI output

I had a chance to test out the Canon 5d mark III 1.2.1 firmware last night and I still haven’t found a setting that allows you to pass audio to the Ninja 2 via HDMI. I’m also still trying to figure out how to trigger the record start/stop on the Ninja via the camera.  I’m […]