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21Feb Watson Pearstone Duo LCD battery charger

A number of you asked about the battery charger I mentioned in the last podcast. Basically the tick is to buy one of the cheaper Watson or Pearstone versions for $39 or $19 respectively and then pick up the battery plates you need for the batteries you use. Depending on the battery charger you select […]

07Mar Behind the scenes in the DSLR FILM NOOB studio

A few of you were asking about the DSLR FILM NOOB studio, so I thought I’d give you a quick walk through. The studio is currently a disaster area right now. I’ve been in and out on a number of jobs and instead of putting things away I’ve been leaving stuff on the floor and other […]

27Nov Aputure V-Screen VS-3 7 inch IPS HDMI field Monitor – First impressions

The Aputure V-Screen VS-3 7 inch field monitor showed up last night and I thought I’d post my first impressions before I disappear for the holiday weekend. This 1,024 x 600 7 inch panel has some decent specs and falls into the sub $400 price range (around $370 on ebay), so lets take a closer look. […]

21Nov Used Gear Watch – Canon t2i body with 4 batteries and grip

Even with two 5d mark III’s in my collection, I’ve continued to use a pair of Canon t2i bodies in my regular workflow. With Magic Lantern installed the t2i is still one of the best values for video shooters out there. Magic Lantern gives you full audio support as well as headphone monitoring and a […]

16Nov Tascam TM-2X XY DLSR Microphone

Tascam has been making some pretty cool stuff lately and the Tascam TM-2X seems to be another decent idea. Basically this thing is just the microphone portion of a field recorder mounted to a rubberized shock absorbing platform in a nice little package. For $129 you get an adjustable microphone, shockmount, and cold shoe adapter. […]

30Aug Get Canon DPP and EOS utility without a disc

In the past if you bought a used Canon camera that was missing the Canon utility disc or you lost the EOS utility disc that came with your camera you were pretty much out of luck. You could visit Canon’s site and under downloads you’d find upgrades to the utility software but you couldn’t actually […]

20Jun Low price DIY Mōvi camera stabilizer alternative

By now most people have seen the Mōvi camera stabilizer. This handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal provides very smooth steady cam style shots in a very compact package. The price of $15,000 might not seem to bad if you’ve had too invest in a high end Steadicam vests and sled, but it’s out of […]

13Mar Aluminum SD card case

I have a lot of SDXC cards floating around in my camera bag. In the past I’ve made an effort to keep them all together in one pouch and in their own individual cases. This worked for awhile, but as the number of cards increased I started coming up a few cards short. Sometimes I’d […]

29Jan DSLR Cage mounting options

Sometimes you need to mount a lot of stuff around your DSLR. In this case I have 7 cold shoe adapters, 2 friction arms, a Sony CLM V55 monitor, a stereo mixer, and two Sennhieser G2 wireless mics all attached to a Letus35 DSLR Cage. I wouldn’t want to hand hold this mess, but for tripod […]

16Jan DSLR resolution rant

More then once i’ve been asked how I feel about the 1080p resolution of the Canon 5d mark III. This is often followed up with complaints from the questioner about DSLR video not being as crisp as “X brand” of camera and usually devolves into rambling about using DSLR cameras for video in general. While […]