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26Jan Monoprice 2.4Ghz Wireless system Audio tests & the Aspen Lav

I had a little bit of time to test the Monoprice 2.4Ghz wireless system this weekend and it works. The design choices, connector types, and labels aren’t exactly straight forward, and it seems as though the volume controls only affect the headphone output, but for a price of $89, it works. One of the major […]

08Apr Que Audio Q 210 Hybrid Boom mic audio kit

Just announced by Que Audio is the Q210 Hybrid boom mic audio kit. We used the audio directly from the Q 210 to shoot this video. For $349 it’s a pretty decent little kit. This isn’t going to replace larger more expensive booms, but it’s nice and compact and seems pretty decent for travel purposes. […]

16Nov Tascam TM-2X XY DLSR Microphone

Tascam has been making some pretty cool stuff lately and the Tascam TM-2X seems to be another decent idea. Basically this thing is just the microphone portion of a field recorder mounted to a rubberized shock absorbing platform in a nice little package. For $129 you get an adjustable microphone, shockmount, and cold shoe adapter. […]

30Mar Tascam DR-60D Field recorder and audio pre-amp

I was just complaining about innovation in the XLR camera adapter market and this is exactly what I was looking for. The Tascam DR-60D, is a rig mount 4 channel field recorder that’s designed to record audio as well as feed it directly to your DSLR. The unit comes with full sized volume knobs, switches, and […]

07Apr First look at my headphone Wireless monitoring setup.

I mentioned awhile back that I’ve been using my Bluetooth stereo setup for audio monitoring. Above are the AIAIAI TMA-1 headphones I use when I need that extra bit of clarity in the audio I’m monitoring. The nice thing about the TMA-1 headphones is the 3.5mm jack on the left ear peace, this allows you to remove […]

27Feb Rode Deadcat v.s. Micover windscreen – First impressions

Adding a windscreen to your microphone is a good way to reduce wind noise when you’re filming outdoors. There are many options on the market and some cost more then others. Above is the Micover Slip on windscreen attached to the Rode VideoMic. At a price tag of around $24 it covers the VideoMic with […]

17Feb Rode VideoMic Pro Video Review

Although the audio tests don’t show any real difference in audio quality, the higher price of the VideoMic pro gives you a much smaller and lighter package. The new design has a better suspension system and the +20db switch gives you a much stronger audio single for cameras with poor or noise amplifiers. If you […]

16Feb What DSLR audio interface is right for you?

Gordon wrote in: With all the different models of Beachtek and JuicedLink adapters it’s hard to figure out which one is the most suitable as a direct to dslr camera audio solution. What’s your favorite? Above are just a few of units I have laying around the studio so it’s hard for me to pick a […]

10Feb Samson Airline Micro UHF wireless system – first impression

I’ve come to the point where I need a few extra UHF wireless microphones systems around. The Sennhieser G2 wireless system I use right now works great and most of the time the two sets I use are plenty, but lately I’ve run into situations where it would be nice to have one or 2 […]

20Apr Zoom H1 shock mount design.

I’ve been working on a few more DSLR cad designs to test out when my makerbot shows up in a few more weeks. I thought a Zoom H1 shock mount would probably be very handy and it might be nice if the shock mount also used off the shelf rubber bands. I basically designed this […]