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29Jan DSLR Cage mounting options

Sometimes you need to mount a lot of stuff around your DSLR. In this case I have 7 cold shoe adapters, 2 friction arms, a Sony CLM V55 monitor, a stereo mixer, and two Sennhieser G2 wireless mics all attached to a Letus35 DSLR Cage. I wouldn’t want to hand hold this mess, but for tripod […]

28Jan Panasonic VIERA 60 inch plasma Amazon Warehouse Deal

If you’re like me you picked up a large flat screen TV a few years ago. It still works just fine and you probably haven’t had a good enough reason to upgrade over the last however many years. However you still find yourself wondering through the TV section now and again looking at the new […]

28Jan DSLR Film Makers Tool Box kick starter project

Steve the designer of CPM’s camera rigs has put this kickstarter project together. The DSLR Film Makers Tool Box includes a camera Cube Cage, Shoulder rig, and machined aluminum slider for $500. That’s pretty much everything you need to get started as far as rigs, mounting, and motion are concerned. The kickstarter effort is going towards the machining and […]

25Jan Catleap 27 inch 2560×1440 IPS display – Road Test

I posted about Catleap IPS 2560×1440 display a few months back and I haven’t really posted much about it since. I don’t do a lot of monitor testing, so for me the best sign that a monitor is doing a good job can be summed up in the lack of complaints. After 5 months of […]

22Jan Samsung 840 500GB SSD $319.99

Just a quick heads up, right now on Newegg you can find the Samsung 840 500GB SSD for $319.99. Just add promo code EMCXWVV38 at check out and the price drops from $369 to $319.99. Promo code expires 1/23/13 at 11:59 PST, so if you’re in the market you might want to check it out.

21Jan Flashpoint DSLR Camera Cage – First impressions

The Flashpoint DSLR Camera cage showed up while I was out of town over the weekend. A few of you were asking if the cage had enough room for a battery grip, the answer is yes. In fact you can loosen the two thumb screws on either side of the unit to adjust the height up […]

21Jan Used Gear watch: 27″ FV Camera slider

A camera slider can set you back quit a bit, so if you can find one used at the right price it might be worth checking out. Right now on ebay there is a 27 inch FV Camera slider listed with 1 hour 10 min left with the current price of $102 plus $20 shipping. […]

16Jan DSLR resolution rant

More then once i’ve been asked how I feel about the 1080p resolution of the Canon 5d mark III. This is often followed up with complaints from the questioner about DSLR video not being as crisp as “X brand” of camera and usually devolves into rambling about using DSLR cameras for video in general. While […]

15Jan Nikon D800 Manufacturer refurbished body $2369 shipped

Even though I’m not a Nikon shooter, the Nikon D800 is still a pretty darn good camera, but what makes it even better is a price tag of $2369 shipped. I’ve only played around the D800 a few times and the body and build of Nikon’s layout isn’t for me, but if you want the […]

15Jan Pixel E11 Canon 5d mark III Battery Grip – Review

The Pixel E11 is one of many generic battery grips for the Canon 5d mark III. The Canon branded BG-E11 battery grip will set you back around $275 while the Pixel E11 will run you between $70 and $100 depending on the number of decoded LP-E6 batteries that are included in the kit. Although the Canon branded […]