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06Mar Smallrig EVF arm slips under pressure, here’s a quick fix

I’ve been testing out the Smallrig 1422 EVF Nato mount arm a little more this week and I ran into a bit of a problem. The setup above (MustHD 5.6 inch panel on the Smallrig EVF mount) seems to be a dangerous combination. I’ll admit that the MustHD is one of the heaviest monitors in this form factor with […]

28Feb Generic Edelkrone rigs showing up on ebay

It looks like someone has finally started cloning the Edelkrone rigs. This generic clone from india looks like it has most of the same features offered by the entry level Edelkrone rigs at about a 1/4 of the price. At $378, it’s still a very pricy rig for a clone and I have no idea how […]

23Jan Used Gear Watch: DSLR shoulder rig with lots of extra parts

This looks to be one of the old Zacuto style rigs that used to pop up on ebay. The setup seems to have enough parts to build pretty much any kind of formfactor you’d want. Currently it’s at $100 with a $300 buy it now price with free shipping. The two QR plates are worth […]

14Jan Flashpoint DSLR Camera Cage

Need a lot of cold shoe mounting points on the cheap? The Flashpoint Camera cage might be something to check out. At $64 this thing has 5 cold shoe mounts on either side, 9 across the top, as well as 2 clamp type cold shoe mounts, and through holes all over the rig. The cage itself […]

20Apr Varavon Armor Mini Rig System for the Canon 5D Mark II

The Varavon Armor is an interesting take on the whole cage concept. It doesn’t really protect the entire camera like some other cages out there. Instead it adds extra mounting points on the frame along with a forward facing mounting bracket above the lens for a microphone adapter. It also has some oddly placed handle […]

11Apr Letus Talon 1DmkIV cage with the Canon t2i fully loaded

Even though this Letus Talon Cage was designed for the Canon 1D Mark IV, it does a very good job of protecting the fragile plastic body of the Canon T2i and it’s battery grip. The reason I point this out, is that Letus Currently has this Cage on Sale for $250. At $499 the cage […]

14Feb 3 legged Spider DSLR Rig price drop to $59

Yiannis pointed this one out to me this morning. Looks like the price on the 3 legged DSLR Movie Rig (spider) has dropped again. You can now find it on Amazon for $59 making it one of the lowest price DSLR rigs on the market. This rig isn’t perfect, but for the price it’s a great value. You […]

10Feb Letus Talon DSLR 7D 5D Cage – Review

If you can remember back in the late 90’s when standard definition DV cameras like the Canon GL1 where all the rage, then the name Letus should be familiar to you. They were responsible for making some of the early 35mm lens adapters for DV cameras that didn’t require you to position your camera upside down. It seems […]

23Oct Printing a DSLR rig A frame handle.

I was working on a shoot last week and accidentally knocked over one my DSLR rigs.  Thankfully the Cube Cage completely protected the camera, but the frame of the rig hit just right and busted off a small chunk from one of the handle mounts. I was thinking about ordering another one from CPM, or […]

25Sep Spider Steady Rig DSLR Rig Movie Kit adjustable shoulder rig video Review

The title of this post represents the current verbal spasm of a name that this rig sells under right now. The official name for this rig is the Spider Steady Rig (thanks to alexpirpiris for finding that for me), but it goes by many other names. Every time I start to complain about this rig I have to remind myself that it’s […]