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11Jan TP-Link TL MR3040 wireless DSLR monitor demo

I finally got around to filming a video demonstration of the TP-Link TL MR3040 router being used as a wireless monitor. As you can see from the video above, frame rates over wireless N are pretty decent, i’m getting something close to 20fps in the demo. As you can see from the video lag is […]

08Jan Sony RX10 & XLR-K1M adapter

I’ve been wanting to get a Sony RX10 in for review for awhile now. With a focal range of 24-200mm (35mm equivalent) and a constant f2.8 across the entire range, the Sony RX10 looks like a pretty decent camera on paper. On top of that it’s supposed to be compatible with the Sony XLR-K1M adapter […]

09May How to install a Flat picture style on your Canon DSLR

I’ve been living life out of a hotel for the past two and half weeks. The small amount of time I’ve spent at home was used to working on my new Makerbot, and now i’m in yet another motel in Montana. Needless to say this video was shot in 3 different motel rooms with my […]

30Apr Film look: Technicolor CineStyle v.s. Marvels Cine picture style

One of the most popular methods for color correction with DSLR footage is to shoot with a flat picture style. This usually gives you more latitude when trying to grade footage in post. Canon has worked jointly with Technicolor to develop a new “flat” picture style for Canon DSLRs. One of the most popular Flat pictures styles, […]

23Apr CPM FILM TOOLS DSLR Aviator Cage Review

Before I dive into this review, if you haven’t noticed I mispronounced Aviator through out the video. I left the “i” out in my notes and I didn’t notice the mistake until I finished. I didn’t have the time to go back and correct it, so there you have it. The CPM FILM TOOLS DSLR […]

25Mar Traveling to Indianapolis.

After driving for almost 9 hours we’ve made it to the motel. Tomorrow we will be running a booth over at HorrorHound weekend in Indianapolis. Our 4 man crew will be promoting some of our films and drumming up funding for our next project “The dark around your heart”. If your in the area, feel […]

14Mar Low price Matte box for your DSLR.

I will start off with a little rant. I think matte boxes are a waste of money. A matte box performs 2 tasks, first it prevents lens flares by keeping the lens in the shade, and second it gives you a place to mount your filters.  Most DSLR lenses come with a lens hood which prevents […]

11Mar $35 wireless Bluetooth Transmitter Receiver.

Just got home from the trip and found my next experiment in the post office box. On the left is a Stereo Bluetooth Transmitter ($19) and on the right is a Stereo Bluetooth Receiver ($16). I have to let them charge for about 4 hours before I can begin testing, but I’m hopping I can pair […]

07Mar Want to travel light?

I’m spending this week out of town and since I only have interviews to film I decided to travel light. One zoom lens (canon 16-35mm f2.8), one prime lens (sigma 30mm f1.4), the t2i, Zoom h4n, and my trusty Sennheiser G2 wireless mic. I did pack a few extra memory cards and a few extra […]

31Jan Konova Camera Slider

I was searching ebay a few weeks back for a few lighting supplies when I came across the Konova Slider. After looking over the pictures and reading more about it, I pulled the trigger.  At a price tag of $285 this is one of the best deals I’ve seen on the market. The only thing […]