I finally got around to filming a video demonstration of the TP-Link TL MR3040 router being used as a wireless monitor. As you can see from the video above, frame rates over wireless N are pretty decent, i’m getting something close to 20fps in the demo. As you can see from the video lag is minimal (less than a 2 frames) making this a useful option for jibs and steadicams.

TP-Link 3040 (1 of 2)

A number of you have asked about battery life and max distance. I’ve been getting around 2 1/2 to 3 hours off of a single charge, you can also power the unit via a USB battery pack or rechargeable batteries. A decent usb battery pack should get you 6 or 7 hours of use. As for distance, in my testing lag and slower frame rates start to pop up at about 35 to 40 feet line of site. That’s not enough distance for a quadcopter, but should be more than enough to keep track of a steadicam operator or for use as a director’s monitor. 

As for mounting this to a cold shoe, i’ve found one option so far. This guy can be had for around $20. It basically glues to the bottom of your TP-Link TL MR3040 router, it’s a bit overpriced, but it is an option if you don’t want to velcro this to your camera. I’m looking into a CNC cut design for the noob store for half the price, if I come up with something I’ll let you know.

Overall the TP-Link TL MR3040 router is a pretty decent option for $30. If you work by yourself and need to speak into the camera this is a great control option and as a monitor/camera controller combo it’s very handy to have around. For the price I’d say the MR3040 router is well worth having in your bag.

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