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23Apr New Lilliput Q7 1920×1080 IPS field monitor hands on

Lilliput is a company I haven’t really thought about in the last few years. They were one of the first to make an affordable 7 inch field monitor with a whopping 1024×600 resolution for under $200. Since then most of their monitors have been derivatives of the same concept. However at NAB this week, Devin and […]

05Mar Aputure VS-3 V-Screen Field monitor review

I’ve been testing and using the Aputure VS-3 Field monitor for a few months now and it’s been a reasonably positive experience. The VS-3 sits in a sweet spot between higher end monitors and the sub $200 offerings. Features are pretty good for the price and it’s one of the few monitors that offers up […]

02Mar Neewer DC-50 Field monitor, rebranded Viltrox DC-50?

The Neewer DC-50 field monitor (above) looks very similar to the Viltrox DC-50, the only major difference appears to the price. The Viltrox hovers around $200, while the Neewer DC-50 is closer to $120. Are they the same monitor? The packaging for the Viltrox DC-50 looks identical to the Neewer DC-50 and if you look close on the Amazon product photos you […]

01Mar Used Gear Watch: SmallHD DP6 monitor with Canon LP-E6 plate

The SmallHD DP4 with it’s 800×480 screen resolution will set up back $449 for the basic model or you could pick up this used SmallHD DP6 monitor with its 1280×800 display for $550 with free shipping on ebay. While the DP6 might not be quite as nice as some of the newer OLED 7 inch […]

11Dec TP-LINK TL-MR3040 wireless field monitor with DSLR controller

Finally had a chance to sit down and hack the TP-Link TL-MR3040 Wireless unit. In case you missed it, with a little bit of work you can setup the  TP-Link TL-MR3040 to work with the DSLR controller android app. This basically gives you a wireless control as well and monitoring capabilities for less than $40. Note: Keep in […]

09Dec Aputure V-Screen VS-3 7 inch IPS HDMI field Monitor features

I’ve been spending a little more time with the Aputure VS-3 monitor. One of the more interesting features is it’s audio level meter display. When enabled in the menu (under “volume bar”) it gives you a visualization of the incoming audio on the hdmi port. Unfortunately this doesn’t do you much good on the Canon 5d […]

08Dec Viltrox DC-50 HDMI monitor review w/ side by side Sony CLM-V55 comparison

I’ve been meaning to finish up this review for about 2 months now, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) I’ve had a pretty heavy shooting schedule over the last 5 months. Everything for this review was actually filmed almost 3 months ago, I just hadn’t had the free time to sit […]

11Sep Nexus 7 FHD tablet – First Impressions

The 32GB Nexus 7 FHD showed up at the beginning of the week and I’ve just started playing around with it. I held off on posting anything until I could get someone to lend me a working Nexus 7 so I could do some side by side comparisons. So far touch screen response on the […]

14May Smallhd DP4 over heating problem solved

Over the last year or so, i have basically stopped taking the SmallHD DP4 out on jobs. The reason is because it would usually start to fail on me after a few hours of use. The monitor would start to get warm, then suddenly it would shut down. I’d change out batteries and get no […]

16Apr Atomos Samurai Blade is a great looking monitor

The original Atomos Ninja was one of the first reasonably priced portable HDMI video capture devices on the market. Some would also call it a field monitor, though the original 800×480 resolution screen left a bit to be desired. With the addition of the Samurai Blade to Atomos’s lineup you finally get a beautiful looking 1280×720 resolution […]