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28Feb PRETEC SDXC 64GB V.S. Sandisk Extreme SDHC 32GB Speed test

The PRETEC SDXC 64GB class 16 card clocks in at $75, while the Sandisk Extreme SDHC 32GB 45MB/s card will set you back about $64.  On one hand the Sandisk Extreme SDHC cards are well respected and considered to be well worth the money, while PRETEC made its name as one of the first companies […]

28Feb PRETEC 64GB SDXC card reader issues

The Pretec 64GB SDXC cards I ordered last week showed up today. Packaging looks pretty standard, though the card itself feels a little bit thicker then a standard SDHC card. I plan to put this through some speed tests and stack it up against the Sandisk Extreme 32GB 45m/s cards I have. The problem I’m having […]

27Feb Rode Deadcat v.s. Micover windscreen – First impressions

Adding a windscreen to your microphone is a good way to reduce wind noise when you’re filming outdoors. There are many options on the market and some cost more then others. Above is the Micover Slip on windscreen attached to the Rode VideoMic. At a price tag of around $24 it covers the VideoMic with […]

23Feb Noob shock mount works with other field recorders

Heiko posted these pictures of the Advanced Zoom H1 shock mount with his Olympus field recorder mounted on a Panasonic Lumix GH2. Although my shock mounts were designed around the Zoom h1, they tend to fit most of the smaller size field recorders without much problem. Thanks for the pictures Heiko!

23Feb Canon 5d Mark III announcement next week?

Canon Rumors is reporting that the long awaited Canon 5d Mark III may be announced as early as next week. Specs 22mp 61pt AF 100% VF 3.2″ LCD Dual CF/SD Card Slots Price: Around $3500 USD No reports yet on video capability, but I’m very happy to see the upgraded Auto focus system. Once you […]

22Feb Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-tool Knife?

When I found this, I thought it was some kind of Photoshop challenge. But the Gerber Steady Tripod Multi-Tool isn’t a joke. I don’t know if I’d use it, but it would be pretty interesting to see someone pull one of these out of their pocket. Apparently it’s everything you need, a fine edge blade, a serrated blade, three […]

22Feb Used Gear Watch: Juicedlink CX231 Preamp

Need XLR inputs, phantom power for your Boom Mic, and 28db of gain? Then the Juicedlink CX231 might be something to check out. Street price on Amazon $299, current auction price on ebay $132.50 + $20 shipping with 3 hours left on the auction.  If you aren’t sure what audio adapter works best for you, […]

21Feb Newegg 64GB SDXC card Class 16 $74.99

I was just glancing around the web on the hunt for 64GB SDXC cards and found this on Newegg. A 64GB Class 16 SDXC card for $74.99. I went ahead and ordered a few for myself before posting this. I don’t think their stock will last very long, so if you have a Canon t2i […]

21Feb Jangus Wi latency testing and latency in general

Pictured above is my test setup in a makeshift sound booth on the extreme opposites side of my house. (I have no idea why I own a 65 foot xlr cable) One thing that my Bluetooth wireless audio experiments taught me is that latency can be a real pain. Thankfully audio for video is much more forgiving in […]

20Feb Jangus Wi Stereo wireless DSLR Adapter

I’ve been playing around with the Jangus Wi Stereo wireless adapter and so far it’s really managed to impress me. It delivers clean stereo audio from my Zoom h4n at 60 feet with very low latency. I still need to do more testing and get some exact measurements, but in the 3 video tests I’ve shot so far, […]