The Pretec 64GB SDXC cards I ordered last week showed up today. Packaging looks pretty standard, though the card itself feels a little bit thicker then a standard SDHC card. I plan to put this through some speed tests and stack it up against the Sandisk Extreme 32GB 45m/s cards I have. The problem I’m having right now is that I haven’t found a memory card reader in my collection that supports the card.

It seems to work fine in my camera and I’ve been able to use the camera as a card reader, but no luck so far with my built in card reader or the older portable card reader I have in my camera bag. I have 5 more to try out so hopefully at least one of them will support the card.

I hadn’t considered the fact that the SDXC format would be unsupported by a card reader. It’s defiantly something to keep in mind if you decide to make the jump to these higher capacity cards. I’ll have speed tests posted once I find the proper card reader for this guy.

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