About Me

Deejay Scharton

My Name is DeeJay Scharton. I am a Film Maker, Musician, and Electronics nerd.  I travel to Film conventions yearly and you can find some of my work on IMDB. I got my start in a recording studio and playing with a band, then I slowly moved on to photography and film making. You can catch me each week on the Splattercast (one of the webs longest running horror themed podcasts), on my Youtube channel, or on this blog.

I was very frustrated with the lack of tutorials and information available on the net covering DSLR film making. So I hope to shed some light on subject. My contributions to DSLR filming are free, no monthly subscription or sales pitch and if I recommend a product chances are I own it, have owned it, or have at the very least used it for filming.

If you think something I cover is worth having you can help me out by purchasing it through my amazon links or gear page. That helps pay for the cost of the site.

Have a question on something or have a topic you’d like see covered, just send me a message or leave a comment and I’ll put it on my list of things to do.

This site is still growing so please bear with me as I update the content.