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30Apr Film look: Technicolor CineStyle v.s. Marvels Cine picture style

One of the most popular methods for color correction with DSLR footage is to shoot with a flat picture style. This usually gives you more latitude when trying to grade footage in post. Canon has worked jointly with Technicolor to develop a new “flat” picture style for Canon DSLRs. One of the most popular Flat pictures styles, […]

29Apr Stop motion workflow guide?

Last year I ended up working on a few 30 second stop motion projects. It was tedious and took a lot of research and time. I put together this production logo as a proof of concept. I’ve received a few requests to cover my stop motion workflow and go over helpful tips and tricks when editing. Honestly, it’s […]

29Apr Running out of Hard drive space.

I was backing up projects to my server today, when I realized that I’m now down to 200GB of space. I think it might be time for an upgrade. Currently, there are 6 hard drives installed in this mess of a case. Two 500GB drives, and Four 1TB drives in RAID 1, grand total, 5TB […]

28Apr Simple little electronics project.

Had a little free time today and thought it might be interesting to run a few tests. So I spent some time pulling apart one of those cheap generic Canon RC-1 remotes. It took a little bit to figure out what pins on the IC where being used for the Canon portion of the remote […]

27Apr 35mod wireless DSLR video trigger review

The DSLR video trigger is a flexible fiber optic attachment for your Canon RC-5 and RC-6 remote. Basically it allows you to position your remote control in a convenient location and aim the signal from the remote back at your camera’s IR sensor. The intent is to use this as a handle mount start/stop control for your DSLR […]

26Apr Ball Head cold shoe adapter rant

I was searching for some 1/4 20 hardware and this Marshall monitor adapter kept showing up in the search results. The listed price is $16.04, that to me is priced a little high when you have cheaper options, but it looks nice and easy, so sure, I guess I can pay a little extra. But […]

25Apr Creepy background music for your film

Sometimes you need fill sound for a suspenseful scene or creepy noises to create a fake out scare. If you have music equipment, you might be able to chain a few effects together and come up with something usable. Or if you’re feeling in the mood for a DIY project, why not build yourself a […]

25Apr Canon 7D firmware update posted, then gone.

Source: Canon Rumors I saw the new Canon 7d firmware 1.2.5 release posted last week. The list of improvements arn’t anything life changing, but the update does include a CF card fix that I’ve occasionally had problems with. Sometimes I would get an Err 02 at random when using a few of my cheaper CF cards. […]

23Apr CPM FILM TOOLS DSLR Aviator Cage Review

Before I dive into this review, if you haven’t noticed I mispronounced Aviator through out the video. I left the “i” out in my notes and I didn’t notice the mistake until I finished. I didn’t have the time to go back and correct it, so there you have it. The CPM FILM TOOLS DSLR […]

22Apr Adding a larger battery to the 7″ Haier monitor

I’ve received a number of e-mails asking about larger battery solutions for the Haier 7″ monitor. The short (less then 2 hours) battery life just doesn’t seem to cut it for a lot of people. You could spend $25 on a direct from Haier 2200 mAh battery (if you can find one), but that would […]