The DSLR video trigger is a flexible fiber optic attachment for your Canon RC-5 and RC-6 remote. Basically it allows you to position your remote control in a convenient location and aim the signal from the remote back at your camera’s IR sensor. The intent is to use this as a handle mount start/stop control for your DSLR rig.

For $35 you get the fiber optic adapter and all the Velcro you need to attach either an RC-5 or RC-6 remote. For an extra $15 35mod will include an RC-5 remote control with the kit, or you could always buy one on amazon or ebay if you don’t mind waiting a little longer.

The flexible fiber optic cable was a little shorter then I had expected, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem. All you really need to do is point the end of the flex cable in the general direction of the IR sensor on the front of your camera and you’re good to go.

After spending some time playing around with the DSLR video trigger, I found that it was easy to accidentally bump the flex cable when picking up and setting down the rig. It seems like this was taken into consideration since the package contains plenty of extra Velcro. Simply take one of the extra peaces and secure the end of the flexible cable to a solid edge on your camera support. This keeps the probe from being bent in the wrong direction when reaching for your DSLR cage.

The DSLR video trigger worked quit well on my shoulder rig. Having a button on the hand grip saves the hassle of trying to reach over and press record on the camera, which can be even more difficult if you have your DSLR in a cage configuration.

I can safely say that it’s a handy little device. You could probably DIY something together that gives you the same results, but by the time you heat shrink wires and solider on leads, you’ll probably have spent more time and effort then it’s worth. Plus there is something to be said for a clean little package that includes everything you need in one purchase. $35 seems like a reasonable price for what you get.

If you’re interested in buying one of these for your rig, or want to see a few more videos of this little guy in action, swing by the 35mod website and check it out.

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