Had a little free time today and thought it might be interesting to run a few tests. So I spent some time pulling apart one of those cheap generic Canon RC-1 remotes. It took a little bit to figure out what pins on the IC where being used for the Canon portion of the remote since the remote works with several camera brands. But after a little bit of probing around with a meter I found the pins and soldered on a cable and a few spare buttons I had laying around the house.

The result is 2 large buttons and a 3 foot wire attached to an IR remote that can start and stop recording and focus the camera by taking a picture. Are there any practical applications? Probably, but for the most part I was just freshening up my soldering skills before my Makerbot shows up next week.

The remote I took apart wasn’t working before I cracked it open, so I actually had to fix it before I broke it. I was hoping to find some information on the IC, with the idea of making a remote with really big buttons and AAA batteries. Unfortunately nothing is written on the IC so I guess my dreams of an over sized camera remote are crushed for now.