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24Dec Canon 5d mark III still at $2638

The Canon EOS 5D Mark III saw a price spike over the first few months of Magic Lantern’s RAW video exploit, but now it seems the prices are starting to settle out.  Sites like B&H are selling the 5d mark III for $2699 with free shipping and even the somewhat infamous Bigvalueinc on ebay is only offering […]

16Mar Used gear watch: Canon 7d

I’ve had my Canon 7d around for a quit awhile, but I think it’s finally about time to let her go. It’s been a great camera for sports and the burst rate has always made the 7d a go to camera for anything action related. However, now with 2 5d mark III’s in my bag I’ve […]

03Jan Magic Lantern alpha version 2 for the Canon 7d

The second 7d Magic Lantern alpha release is out and it looks like they’ve add a few more items to the menus. Here’s the list of new features: Advanced Bracketing (HDR) Intervalometer Audio tags Bit Rate manipulation [EXPERIMENTAL] Modify card flush rate for higher bit rates [EXPERIMENTAL] Modify GOP size (down to ALL-I or up to […]

30Oct Canon 7d Magic Lantern Alpha firmware update

It only took one month from the time the Magic Lantern team announced the Canon 7d hack solution to the day they were able to release the alpha version of Magic Lantern for the 7d. The progress so far looks good. Even though this is only an alpha, the team has already managed to incorporate some of […]

19Sep Magic Lantern on the 7d, update video posted

The Magic Lantern 7d port is coming along nicely. Here’s a quick video demoing some of the features the ML team already has working. I’m very excited about this port, hopefully the alpha test firmware will be released soon. I’ll keep you posted.

18Sep Magic Lantern Finally on its way for the Canon 7d!

This from Canon Rumors. Looks like the Magic Lantern Team has finally found a way to install there firmware update on the Canon 7d. ML team member g3gg0 found a way to install the update on the 7d using the  autoexec.bin code. According to Magic Lantern: The first analysis shows that porting is straightforward (more or less), and […]

17Aug Canon 7d firmware 2.0 audio recording tip

Even though the new Canon 7d firmware update adds audio features to the camera, there is still no way to monitor audio levels while recording. Which basically means you’re flying blind while filming. If someone gets a little to loud or a microphone gets closer then you expected to a subject it could basically ruin an entire […]

16Aug Rokinon 35mm f1.4 testing next week

I have a Rokinon 35mm f1.4 EF mount lens coming in for testing. I’m interested in your input on what tests you would like to see in the review video as well as the comparison tests with the Canon 35mm f1.4 lens. Here’s whats on the current list right now: Bokeh Vignetting Sharpness Build quality Lens […]

08Aug Canon 7d firmware 2.0 update, test, and Review Video

Canon finally released the new 7D firmware 2.0 update this week which adds new features like improved burst mode and audio input level controls. The Canon 7d now has most of the same features out of the box that are included in cameras like the 60d and t4i. In the past the main reason to […]

06Aug Canon 7d firmware version 2.0 is out.

New Canon 7d firmware version 2.0 is now up on Canon’s site. More on the update once I have a chance to download, install, and test. I’ll keep you posted.