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12Jun Panasonic Lumix FZ1000, 4k for $897?

The announcement for the Panasonic FZ1000 happened at midnight last night but it’s been bouncing around the rumor mill for a few weeks now. The Fz1000 looks like it’s designed to compete directly with the Sony RX10. Both cameras are crossover “all in one” super zoom hybrids and both cameras share the same sensor. Where the Panasonic […]

13Sep Light Blaster Strobe looks pretty interesting

You don’t often see something new or innovative in the world of flash photography. Sure there are advances in wireless controls, and lower price flash units are coming with more and more features, but overall it’s just been improvements on the same thing. The Light Blaster Strobe is actually the first light modifier style flash device that’s […]

30Aug Speedbooster EOS M to EF mount coming soon?

Canon’s EOS-M camera is one of the only digital cameras in Canon’s lineup with a flange distance that’s small enough to support a speedbooster type adapter. Electronically, it’s also the easiest to adapt to Canon EF mount lenses. This video above appears to be showing a prototype version of a Speedbooster being used with an […]

30Aug Get Canon DPP and EOS utility without a disc

In the past if you bought a used Canon camera that was missing the Canon utility disc or you lost the EOS utility disc that came with your camera you were pretty much out of luck. You could visit Canon’s site and under downloads you’d find upgrades to the utility software but you couldn’t actually […]

12Apr Gopro Hero 3 Aluminum Cage

I’ve already signed up for the Kickstarter Gopro Hero 3 cage, but Redrock Micro’s offering does look pretty nice. They are calling this the “Cobalt Cage” and I had a chance to play around with it for a bit at NAB. The fit and finish looks great and the price isn’t too bad at $99. […]

27Aug Nissin Di866 Mark II Speedlight for Canon – First impressions

Continuing on my quest to find more affordable alternatives to the Canon 580EX II speedlites, I’ll be taking a closer look at the Nissin Di866 speedlight mark II flash. At a price of between $245 and $315 the Nissin offers several advantages over the $135 Yongnuo 565ex and provides a closer facsimile to the Canon 580EX II speedlite. First the Nissin […]

23Jul Canon EOS-M, just a t4i without the mirror?

The Canon EOS-M announcement has been leaking out since Friday and it basically falls in line with everything people have been expecting. An 18mp APS-C sensor with AF detection, no mirror, not many control buttons, and a touch screen in a smaller package. If those specs sound familiar, it’s because the Canon EOS-M is basically a Canon t4i without […]

19Oct Lytro Light Field Camera pricing and specs announced.

A Few months back I posted about the Lytro Light field camera. This interesting little camera has the ability to capture an image, then choose your focus point later. This is the first I’ve seen of the actual camera and it’s a very interesting form factor. The strange little box measures out to about 1.6 […]

01May Canon G12 first impression.

I’ve been in the market for a point and shoot camera for while. I wanted something that shoots RAW and has a tough build. I was torn between the Canon G12 and the Nikon P7000, both of which had a lot of the same features. I finally had a chance to hit up a camera […]