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15Jan Matin Neoprene Soft Lens Bags

While M4/3 lenses are generally very small, most of them aren’t very tough. With large lenses I tend to use a camera bag with a large storage area and I separate lenses with multiple compartments velcroed together inside the bag. Instead of attempting to use the same method for M4/3 lenses I use these very affordable […]

10Mar Quick look at my EOS-M film kit

Here’s a quick look at the basic kit I’ve been using with the Canon EOS-M body. This bag has been lent out on 5 different shoots so far and everyone that’s used it seems to be pretty happy with the results. This is just a quick overview, I should have a deeper look at the […]

04Dec Tamrac Pro Camera bags – Road Test

So you’ve spent all this money on great lenses, a good camera, and all the other kit you need to start shooting. The next question is, how do you travel with it? In the past I’ve shown you a few of the bags I’ve used, but over the last few years I’ve been making the […]

03Sep Tamrac Rally 6 3446 camera bag Review

I’ve been on the pre-order list for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera since the day I got my hands on it at NAB. But after multiple delays and a sketchy list of features, I canceled my order, got my $1000 refund, and picked up a Canon 6d. I’ve had a love hate relationship with the […]

21Aug Pelican Memory Card Cases 0915 & 0945

Out of the blue I received 2 Pelican memory card cases in the mail. I’m not 100% sure who sent them or how they got my address. There was no note attached or any other information. Just a Pelican 0945 CF card case and a Pelican 0915 SD card case in a small box. I’ve had […]

13Mar Aluminum SD card case

I have a lot of SDXC cards floating around in my camera bag. In the past I’ve made an effort to keep them all together in one pouch and in their own individual cases. This worked for awhile, but as the number of cards increased I started coming up a few cards short. Sometimes I’d […]

05Dec Case Logic SLRC-202 – Road Test

The Case Logic SLRC-202 has been my go to light weight travel bag for almost 4 years and i’m about to test out their 25 year warranty. When i’m on the road and don’t have a lot of room to pack, this bag is usually just about right. One camera body with lens, one zoom, […]

24Aug High Capacity Maha Powerex 2700mAh AA Rechargeable Batteries and Charger

I was loading my old Energizer 2000mAh batteries into the Yongnuo YN 565EX speedlite to start doing a little bit of testing and found that they no longer hold a charge. So I started doing some research to find a modern day replacement to my three year old batteries and decided to go with the Maha Powerex […]

15Aug Giottos MH-2000 Dual Ballhead – First impressions

I’ve been testing out the SIRUI N1004 Tripod and wanted a simple ball head for portability. Sure fluid heads provide smoother motion (with practice), but the size of something like the Manfrotto 503HDV turns the ultra portable SIRUI N1004 into a bobble head looking thing that requires two bags to travel. I decided to go with the Giottos MH 2000 Ball […]

15Oct On-Stage 6500 padded light truss bag to haul your camera equipment.

I’ve used this On-stage 6500 bag for almost 5 years, both for camera gear and music equipment. The bag has quit a bit more padding then those included with most lower price tripods and heavy duty shoulder strap and handles. I’ve had good luck with durability, the only point to fail over the years of heavy […]