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17Jan Used Gear Watch: Audio Technica 4073 boom mic $270

I’ve been a fan of the Audio-technica 4073 boom mic for years and it’s often overlooked by filmmakers. The 4073 has a very strong signal, a lot of reach, and a very crisp clear sound. It’s popularity in ENG work has made it so common that you can usually get the mic for a good price […]

31Mar Used Gear Watch: Audio Technica 4073 shotgun mic

One of my favorite boom microphones, the Audio Technica 4073 is often overlooked by filmmakers. It’s popularity in ENG work has made it so common that you can usually get it for a good price on the used market. New, the Audio Technica 4073 will set you back around $700, but right now there’s a […]

13Jan Used Gear Watch: Canon 5d mark III body $2618

After the holidays 5d mark III prices bounced back up to around $2900, but you can still find used and refurbished bodies on ebay for a bit less. Right now there’s a Canon 5d mark III body with a buy it now price of $2599 + $19 shipping. That’s a pretty decent price and it […]

20Nov Used Gear watch – Black magic Cinema Camera $1610 with shipping

Although the Blackmagic Cinema Camera isn’t my cup of tea, it’s still a pretty decent camera. Current retail on a BMCC camera is right at $2,000, but right now on ebay you can pick up this Blackmagic Cinema Camera for just $1,584 + 26 shipping. That $400 in savings could go towards lens, audio gear, or […]

21Jan Used Gear watch: 27″ FV Camera slider

A camera slider can set you back quit a bit, so if you can find one used at the right price it might be worth checking out. Right now on ebay there is a 27 inch FV Camera slider listed with 1 hour 10 min left with the current price of $102 plus $20 shipping. […]

15Jan Nikon D800 Manufacturer refurbished body $2369 shipped

Even though I’m not a Nikon shooter, the Nikon D800 is still a pretty darn good camera, but what makes it even better is a price tag of $2369 shipped. I’ve only played around the D800 a few times and the body and build of Nikon’s layout isn’t for me, but if you want the […]

25Aug Used Gear watch: JuicedLink CX471 4-Channel Mixer/Preamplifier

Still looking for an XLR adapter for your camera? This could be something to check out. The CX471 is an older version of the Juicedlink CX431. It still has phantom power on two channels and provides gain and volume adjustment all in a single package but is missing some of the more modern features like AGC […]

21Aug Used Gear watch: Canon 5d mark II

The Canon 5d mark II is still a great camera for stills and video. With it’s Full frame sensor, good low light performance, and Magic Lantern supported firmware, it’s great for video and good for photography.  Since the release of the 5d mark III the MKII has been falling in price dramatically on the used market. I’ve seen prices […]

16Aug Used Gear: Kodak Zi8

I’ve had this Kodak Zi8 for a number of years, then I lost it. I found it in an old camera bag while looking for a card reader a few weeks ago and used it to film this video. I’m currently trying to thin down the odd bits and peaces in my collection, so as usual I […]

11Jul Canon 5d mark II price drop

The price keeps dropping, right now B&H is offering up the Canon 5d mark II with some free extras for just $2079. I recommend you go with the free extra LP-E6 battery if you’re in the market. Meanwhile the used price of the Canon 5d mark II continues to drop. Just scrolling through listings this morning I’ve seen […]