I’ve had this Kodak Zi8 for a number of years, then I lost it. I found it in an old camera bag while looking for a card reader a few weeks ago and used it to film this video. I’m currently trying to thin down the odd bits and peaces in my collection, so as usual I give you guys a chance at it first before it makes its way onto ebay.

My copy of the Kodak Zi8 is a bit scratched up, but otherwise works fine. It’s main job when we used it was as a danger camera. If fake blood needed to shoot out of a sprayer or we needed a first person shot of someone falling out of a barn this was the camera we used.

No memory card, manual or case. Just an Aqua colored Zi8. If you’re interested, you can buy my old Kodak Zi8 for $100 plus $5 shipping. Considering these little guys are still selling for $160 to $300 on ebay and amazon, that seems like a pretty good deal.  If no one is interested, it will be up on ebay sometime late next week.

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