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23Mar Traded in my 5d mark III for a Sony A7s II

I’ve been shooting on the Canon 5d mark III for about 4 years now and Canon bodies in general for almost seven years. During that time, I’ve stuck with the Canon 5d mark III even as I began to shoot more and more on the Panasonic GH4. Even though many have complained about the lack of resolution […]

16Mar Sony a7s II on sale $2399

Looking for a Sony a7s II body? If so, they are currently on sale from Ebay seller electronicsvalley for $2399 with free shipping (from the untied states), which is about $600 less then you can find the Sony a7s II in other places.  $2399 is an excellent price and part of the reason I recently sold off my […]

02Mar Canon 5d mark III price drop, 5d mark IV on the way?

Canon announced official $300 price cuts on retail 5d mark III and Canon 6d bodies over the weekend and it seems to fall in line with the extremely low 5d mark III ebay prices we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks.  There were a lot of grumblings about the Canon 5ds possibly being the only new 5d branded […]

18Feb Canon 5d mark III down to $1999

Not sure if this is a sign, but Canon 5d mark III bodies are now down to $1999 on ebay. I’ve heard some talk of a 5d mark IV body on the way, but it’s hard to say for sure if this is any indicator. Regardless $1999 is a very good price.

12Jan Canon 5d mark III new $2279

Despite what people say, the Canon 5d mark III is still a very good camera for filmmakers and photographers alike. Originally released at a price of $3400, the 5d mark III has bounced up and down in  price since it’s release thanks in large part to the Magic lantern hack. Right now it’s as low as […]

19Jun Canon 5d mark III $2575 sale

Yet another Canon 5d mark III ebay sale. Right now you can pick a possibly gray market 5d mark III body for $2575 with free shipping. I’ve ordered cameras from these sales in the past and had pretty good luck, but many times they require a signature for delivery. Also note that a lot of […]

12Jun Sony A7S v.s. 5d mark III low light test

I’ve posted a few things about how Amazing the low light performance is on the new Sony a7s (here and here) but the video below really drives the point home. Sony really made the right choice move to a lower megapixel sensor and focusing in on lowlight and dynamic range performance. I rarely need 22MP, […]

02Apr Used Gear watch: Canon 5d mark III $2650

NAB announcements are starting to impact the used gear market. Looks like Canon 5d mark III used prices are dropping a bit. Right now on ebay there is a 5d mark III body for a buy it now price of $2650 used with free shipping. There are also a few others under $2700 if you […]

18Mar Canon 5d mark III 1.2.3 firmware Magic Lantern support

One of the main reasons I haven’t been using Magic Lantern on my 5d mark III bodies is that up until recently using Magic Lantern on the 5dmkIII meant you needed to downgrade the older 1.1.3 firmware on your camera to get things working. While raw video is a novel concept, I haven’t found it all that […]

31Jan Canon 5d Mark III Body $2550 with free shipping

Another Ebay camera body sale, this time they’ve got the Canon 5d mark III body on sale for just $2550 with free shipping. That’s a great price for the 5d mark III if you are looking to upgrade. As with most of these ebay sales this is likely a Canon lens/camera combo that’s been separated […]