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30Apr OCZ Technology RevoDrive Hybrid 1 TB Solid State Drive for $329

A single 7200 rpm hard drive can usually handle 2 or 3 layers of hd footage with out drop outs, but if your timeline gets anymore advanced then that you’ll need something faster. There are a few options to choose from like raid drives, Velociraptor drives, or ultra fast SSD drives but the price per gig of […]

29Apr Magic Lantern firmware in the works for the Canon 5d mark III

With the resent release of Canon’s 5d mark III firmware update, the Magic Lantern Team is now able to start work on a firmware hack. But what do you add to a camera that has most of the video features we’ve come to expect? Here’s my wish list. Clean 1080p hdmi output Focus peaking Histogram in […]

27Apr Sandisk SDXC 64GB Class 10 Card for $48.95!

I already drop my cash on the Pretec SDXC 64GB cards but if you didn’t pull the trigger, B&H is having a hell of a good sale on the Sandisk 64GB SDXC cards. You can check out my earlier test results on the smaller capacity Sandisk Class 10 cards here, although the Sandisk was a little […]

26Apr Canon 7d firmware update to fill the gap in Canon’s lineup?

The Canon 5d mark III will set you back $3500 and the 5d mark II will set you back around $2200 and the Canon 7d rounds things out, effectively being the top of Canon’s crop sensor lineup at $1500. Strictly for photography the Canon 7d is a great camera, excellent build quality (all metal), great auto focus system, 8 […]

25Apr Roland R-26 6-Channel Digital Field Audio Recorder

If you don’t think 2 tracks on the Zoom h1 or Tascam DR-05 is enough and the 4 tracks of audio on the Zoom h4n and Tascam Dr-40 don’t do the trick, Roland has released the R-26 6 track recorder. It’s the same basic concept as the h4n and Dr-40 but with an interesting twist. […]

20Apr Varavon Armor Mini Rig System for the Canon 5D Mark II

The Varavon Armor is an interesting take on the whole cage concept. It doesn’t really protect the entire camera like some other cages out there. Instead it adds extra mounting points on the frame along with a forward facing mounting bracket above the lens for a microphone adapter. It also has some oddly placed handle […]

20Apr Used Gear watch: Konova 31.5 inch camera slider

There isn’t a huge difference between the older model of Konova Sliders and the newer version. Basically better legs and a slightly different bag with a couple of extra fiddly bits. If you can find the original version used it’s still a very good deal. Right now on ebay there is a 31.5 inch Konova […]

17Apr Blackmagic Cinema Camera, 2.5k Raw footage for under $3000

Blackmagic’s video camera announcement seems like it came out of nowhere. A company known for their converter boxes and HDMI recorders is now set to release a DSLR form factor video camera that shoots up to 2.5k  (2432 x 1366) raw in an open CinemaDNG format. All the inputs and outputs you would expect in a normal video camera, plus it […]

14Apr Chipped lens adapter problems with the 5d mark III

Using older manual focus lenses for filming is a very common practice among DSLR film makers, and a chipped lens adapters on the Canon 5d mark II (or any DSLR for that matter) is a good way to save some money on lenses and provide  focus confirmation with these older manual focus lenses. Above is the Tokina 500mm […]

13Apr Transcend 400x 32GB CF Card speed test.

As with all my other speed tests I’ve done, for this set of tests I’ve used the H2testw 1.4 flash drive testing program. A few of you have asked why I choose to use this program and the main reason is that it writes a series of 1gb files to the card until the card is […]