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20Jun Low price DIY Mōvi camera stabilizer alternative

By now most people have seen the Mōvi camera stabilizer. This handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal provides very smooth steady cam style shots in a very compact package. The price of $15,000 might not seem to bad if you’ve had too invest in a high end Steadicam vests and sled, but it’s out of […]

17Jun Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 Zoom Pre-Order $799

One of the more exciting lens announcements over the last year or so has been the Sigma 18-35mm f1.8. As far as I know this is the first modern zoom lens with a fixed f1.8 aperture which could make it a possible alternative to a handful of prime lenses in the same focal range. The […]

14Jun Zoom h6 Pre-orders $399

I mentioned the announcement of the Zoom h6 awhile back and it’s finally shown up for pre-order on B&H. Looks like Zoom is including both the XY capsule as well as the mid-side microphone module in the initial $399 price tag. Part of me likes the idea of having all of those inputs and controls in a […]

12Jun Native raw support for the Canon 6d and more added to Windows 7 & 8

If you’ve been following the site for awhile you might remember this post from last year about Microsoft adding native raw support. Unfortunately the codec pack doesn’t get updated very often so it takes quite awhile for new cameras to be added to the support list. This time Microsoft has dropped in support for the Canon 6d, and […]

12Jun Canon EOS-M $369

Even though the Canon EOS-M isn’t exactly the best camera for photography, it’s a decent camera for video. With the reduced flange distance you can easily adapt old Canon FD lenses as well as a number of other options. For video you’re basically working with a skinny t4i. If you are looking for a first […]

11Jun Adobe Premiere Pro CC OpenCL speed tests

I’ve been searching for some Premiere Pro OpenCL speed tests and I finally found a few results. Keep in mind that these numbers come directly from AMD’s blog and only compare high price Quadro cards with AMD’s FirePro lineup. I’m sure statements about competitors products aren’t at all skewed or mis represented by data sets. Usually claims […]

11Jun Seagate Barracuda 3TB hard drive $105

Building your own Freenas server or just need some more storage space? Amazon has the Seagate 3TB barracuda drives on sale for just $105 a peace. It’s always nice to see storage prices drop. If you need some space here’s the link. Of course the price drops only a few week after I bought more […]

10Jun Adobe Premiere pro Creative cloud now Supports OpenCL

The last few versions of Premiere pro have supported GPU acceleration which can dramatically improve rendering times as well as real time playback. Up until now that support was limited to Nvidia cards like the GTX 680 or the GTX 670 (the card I currently use). It seems Adobe is attempting to entice more users to […]

07Jun Seagate 4TB External drive $160

As things move closer and closer to raw video workflows, hard drive space is a must. Right now Amazon has the Seagate 4TB external Drive on sale for $159.99 with free prime shipping. That’s $20 cheaper than the internal model and with a USB 3.0 connection you’ll still have fast enough drive speeds for editing. […]

07Jun Canon 6d New for $1,499.95

At a price of $1499.95 new on ebay with free shipping, the Canon 6d is a hell of a bargain. That price puts a new 6d at about the same spot as a used 5d mark II body. But unlike the 5dmkII you get a better auto focus system, wifi features, and better low light […]