Radion 7970 Ghz edition

The last few versions of Premiere pro have supported GPU acceleration which can dramatically improve rendering times as well as real time playback. Up until now that support was limited to Nvidia cards like the GTX 680 or the GTX 670 (the card I currently use).

It seems Adobe is attempting to entice more users to make the move to the subscription service by adding OpenCL cards to the list of supported GPUs. This opens the door to use slightly more affordable cards like the Radeon 7970 and Radeon 7870. They’ve also thrown in unofficial support for any GPU that supports CUDA, or OpenCL which means you’ll no longer need to use a hack to enable acceleration on unlisted cards.

No word yet on how OpenCL will perform when compared to CUDA. Hopefully equivalent Radeon cards will be able to keep up with Nvidia cards. Radeon generally provides more value in terms of bundled games and pricing when compared to Nvidia and competition is usually a good thing in the price department.

One other point of interest is that on the Premiere Pro CC feature page it says:

Adobe Premiere Pro can now take full advantage of computers with multiple GPU cards for significantly accelerated export times.

Does this mean that the upgrade will support multiple GPUs in SLI, or will it support the use of two individual GPUs running independently? It will be interesting to find out what this means and how much acceleration it will actually provide. The update is supposed to be released next week which corresponds nicely with the Haswell i7-4770 parts I have coming in. Hopefully I’ll be able to start running a few tests on the GTX 670 I currently use and the Radeon 7870 I have in my gaming PC.

I’ll post a parts list and some more info on my upgrade to Haswell once everything start coming. I’ve been leaning on the i7-920 for a few generations longer than I probably should have and the 6 SATA 6gb/s ports will be a nice upgrade to my raid drives.

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