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13Feb Samson Airline Micro Tested with the Rode Videomic

The audio I recorded during the Samson Airline Micro test seemed to add a little bit of bass making the audio sound a little bit muddy. The system also seemed to have a slight audio hiss to it when I was testing. Neither of these things were bad enough to be a deal breaker, but I […]

20Sep My old Lilliput 8″ monitor put to good use.

A number of you sent me e-mails when I posted my old Lilliput 8″ hdmi monitor for sale a few weeks back, but Brennan was the first to hit the buy it now button. He was also kind enough to send some pictures of it mounted to his PVC shoulder rig. Looks pretty nice and it’s […]

21Mar Affordable Cowboystudio CFL lighting rig Sold out.

I’ve received a number of e-mails asking about that Cowboystudio 1200 watt (equivalent) studio light setup. Apparently it’s completely sold out and many of you are looking for an alternative. Youtube member Levene1 sent me a message with info on a lighting rig that’s the same price and pretty much the same configuration. The only difference between the Cowboystudio 1200 watt […]

15Mar Haier 7 Inch monitor, $44 and it works.

A number of you sent e-mails requesting a full review of the Haier 7″ HLT71 monitor. So I went ahead and picked one up. As you can see it showed up today and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. First thing to note is that it’s actually lighter and thinner (1/4″ thinner) then my Lilliput […]

14Mar Low price Matte box for your DSLR.

I will start off with a little rant. I think matte boxes are a waste of money. A matte box performs 2 tasks, first it prevents lens flares by keeping the lens in the shade, and second it gives you a place to mount your filters.  Most DSLR lenses come with a lens hood which prevents […]

13Mar Affordable 300 watt CFL lighting setup

People are always looking for affordable lighting rigs and I’ve received a number of e-mails asking for lighting ideas that fit into a $100 budget. I’m a big fan of CFL bulbs for their life span, power draw, and low temperature performance. There are also a lot of lighting options out there that use CFL […]

12Mar Cheap 1/4″ 20 Rail mount for your DSLR RIG.

Sometimes it’s nice to mount small items to your camera rails or other parts of your indie DSLR rig. One cheap option I wandered across is the Veho MUVI adapter. For $9 this little adapter will open up to over 1 1/2 inches and has a 1/4 20″ threaded adapter built in. It doesn’t close […]

08Mar In search of a new Laptop.

It takes a lot of computer power to edit DSLR footage natively. I normally do most of my editing back home on my desktop, but I finished up early today, so I though I might head back to the motel, startup CS4 on my laptop, and do a little bit of editing. My laptop was […]