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31Mar Canon 5d mark III ALL-I playback outside your NLE

I haven’t had any problems editing the footage from the 5d mark III, but none of the normal programs I use for playback would handle the footage. I’ve been told the latest version of VLC player can handle it, but I dislike VLC player with a passion. Nothing but a pain every time I’ve tried […]

31Mar Tascam DR-40 Firmware installation video guide

A few folks e-mailed me that were having trouble installing the Tascam DR-40 firmware update so I figured the easiest thing to do was put together a how to guide. It also gave me a chance to do a little filming and editing with the Canon 5d mark III, but more on that in another post. […]

30Mar Canon 5d mark III just showed, first test 64gb SDXC ALL-I recording

The UPS guy was kind enough to make me his first stop this morning and dropped off the Canon 5d mark III. I’ve only had about an hour to fiddle around with it, but man does it feel nice. Almost the same ergonomics as my Canon 7d body with only a few buttons moved around. The […]

30Mar Digitalrev Canon 5d mark III v.s. Nikon D800 face off

If you haven’t picked a side in the Canon 5d mark III v.s. Nikon D800 debate this video from digitalrev seems like a fare mash up. It’s nice to see that Canon has finally caught up in terms of auto focus, but the massive megapixel count on the Nikon D800 does offer up a lot […]

29Mar Micover Puffin windscreen audio test

I’ve been interested in testing the Micover Puffin windscreen, but I have to wait for strong winds to get a good idea of how well the windscreen preforms. Yet another storm came through and I had just enough time to run outside and get some audio samples before it started raining. Sorry no video this […]

29Mar Tascam DR-40 Firmware upgrade adds independent volume control

The Tascam DR-40 just got a little bit better. With the release of the new Tascam DR-40 1.10 firmware you now have the ability to independently control either audio input. This brings the DR-40 a little bit closer to the Zoom h4n. If you’re interested in upgrading the firmware on your DR-40 here’s the link […]

28Mar DigitalRev Hands on Canon 5d mark III video review

Another Canon 5d mark III video review. This time from DigitalRev.

28Mar Canon 5d Mark III has finally shipped

Even though I managed to get my order for the Canon 5d mark III in at B&H almost as soon as the pre-order was available, the order was still delayed in the cue until their 4th shipment from Canon.  As soon as the costumer service rep picked up the phone, he asked if this call was regarding […]

27Mar The Canon 5d mark III, still more affordable then the Nikon D800

A few people have asked me if I plan to spend any time with the Nikon D800 and if I would ever consider switching from Canon over to Nikon. Honestly, I am heavily invested in glass, above is my master prime set from left to right, the Canon 85mm f1.2, the Canon 50mm f1.2, the Canon 35mm f1.4, […]

27Mar Better DIY Sescom USB to 3.5mm cable build

After posting the Sescom usb to 3.5mm cable review, Michael started asking me why I didn’t post a soldering tutorial on making a cheaper version of the Sescom adapter.  Several long comments and 3 days later, Michael has posted his own tutorial on building a cheaper version of the Sescom cable. A few things to note, you can’t build this […]