Even though I managed to get my order for the Canon 5d mark III in at B&H almost as soon as the pre-order was available, the order was still delayed in the cue until their 4th shipment from Canon.  As soon as the costumer service rep picked up the phone, he asked if this call was regarding the 5d mark III or D800. Apparently B&H has been flooded with calls for both of these cameras.

The price tag for both the 5d mark III and D800 are pretty high, but it really seems like both cameras are selling like mad. Amazon is already posting a 2 month lead time on any new 5d mark III orders and the D800 is simply listed as out of stock. I don’t think Nikon was quit ready to deliver these kinds of numbers.

Both cameras are good contenders, each having their own benefits and drawbacks. I hope the popularity of these two cameras will keep pushing forward video features in the DSLR market. Or at the very least, encourage more budget friendly version of cameras like the C300 and FS100.

If you just can’t wait B&H does have the 5d mark III with kit lens in stock right now, I guess most people don’t really want to spend the extra on the Canon 24-105mm f4 lens. If you really want the 5d mark III fast you could order the kit lens version, then put the lens on ebay.

Regardless, my 5d mark III will arrive on Friday morning, first impressions, and tests to follow.  I’ll keep you posted.

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