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01Apr Panasonic LX100 Wide angle adapter AG-LW4307, old but it works.

In the days of DV cameras, if you wanted a shoot with an angle any wider than the built in lens offered by the camera you had to use a Conversion Lens. With the advent of interchangeable lens cameras, this type of adapter has basically been forgotten. However, that doesn’t mean something like this isn’t […]

20Sep Panasonic LX100 setup guide for 4k shooting

There are a lot of reviews floating around complaining about the Panasonic LX100’s video mode. Out of the box with factory defaults, I would agree, the video features on the LX100 are pretty clunky and poorly setup. However with a little bit of tweaking and the use of the custom setup menu, you can easily […]

11Jan Sony RX10 with the XLR-K1M adapter – First impressions

The weather was nice this afternoon so I took the opportunity to run a few quick tests with the Sony RX10. After a little bit of playing around in the menus I can safely say that the Sony XLR-K1M mic adapter works perfectly with the RX10 camera. Simply slide the smart adapter into the camera’s hot shoe, turn […]

08Jan Sony RX10 & XLR-K1M adapter

I’ve been wanting to get a Sony RX10 in for review for awhile now. With a focal range of 24-200mm (35mm equivalent) and a constant f2.8 across the entire range, the Sony RX10 looks like a pretty decent camera on paper. On top of that it’s supposed to be compatible with the Sony XLR-K1M adapter […]