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12Mar Kipon EF-MFT AF firmware update 2.6

I carry two M43 to Canon adapters with me when shooting on the Panasonic GH4, the Metabones speed booster and the Kipon EF-MFT AF adapter (above). One provides an APS-C field of view as well as more light for indoor shooting from my Canon glass and the other doubles the reach of lenses like the 135mm f2 while […]

19Jan Atmos Ninja 2 firmware update

If you are an Atomos Ninja 2 owner, there’s a new firmware version 4.21 out (you can find it here). The update is supposed to improve support for deinterlacing, input color correction, as well as audio meter indication. They’ve also added some audio delay options for the analog audio inputs. I’m still pretty happy with my […]

10Dec Tascam DR-60d Firmware update to 1.20

If you own a Tascam DR-60d or plan on getting one while they’re on sale, there’s a new version 1.20 firmware out. Tascam has added some muting features as well as some power saving options for better battery life. You can download and the latest firmware here. Not a huge jump forward, but some good […]

18Apr Canon 5d mark III firmware release date announced

  Canon’s posted a little note on the 5d mark III page in the right hand column stating that the 5d mark III clean HDMI firmware update will be released April 30th.   They’re really waiting until the last minute on their “sometime in April” deadline.  I think I’ll be picking up a Atomos Ninja 2 sometime […]

11Apr Canon 5d mark III HDMI firmware upgrade in the wild

I was hanging out at the Atomos Ninja booth checking out their new (and beautiful) Samurai Blade when I noticed a 5d mark III on display. I started playing around with the settings and suddenly I had a clean 1080p output. I grabbed one of the Atomos reps and he confirmed that this 5d mark III on […]

13Dec Canon 6d Firmware and software updates

Canon just released a software update to DPP last night that allows the program to support RAW files from the Canon 6d. It’s a little surprising to me that this wasn’t ready to go at launch, was Canon rushing to get this camera out before Christmas? Also it looks like the first Canon 6d firmware update has […]

25Oct Canon 5d mark III firmware announcement, Clean 4:2:2, 8 bit HDMI out

It looks like Canon is finally unlocking some of the power of it’s Digic 5+ processor in the 5d mark III with the announcement of a new firmware update coming next year. The Nikon D800 was released with the ability to output a clean HDMI signal, however it was reported that the 5d MKIII was not capable of outputting a […]

19Sep Magic Lantern on the 7d, update video posted

The Magic Lantern 7d port is coming along nicely. Here’s a quick video demoing some of the features the ML team already has working. I’m very excited about this port, hopefully the alpha test firmware will be released soon. I’ll keep you posted.

09Jun Canon 7d Firmware Version 2 coming soon? Manual audio controls to be included!

A post from Canon Rumors indicates that Canon briefly posted new features that will be enabled with the soon to be released Canon 7d Firmware Version 2.0 update. As I’ve mentioned before the Canon 7d is a great photography tool, but video features have been lacking since day one. Canon has been offering up many of these features […]

26Apr Canon 7d firmware update to fill the gap in Canon’s lineup?

The Canon 5d mark III will set you back $3500 and the 5d mark II will set you back around $2200 and the Canon 7d rounds things out, effectively being the top of Canon’s crop sensor lineup at $1500. Strictly for photography the Canon 7d is a great camera, excellent build quality (all metal), great auto focus system, 8 […]