Kipon EF-MFT AF (1 of 1)

I carry two M43 to Canon adapters with me when shooting on the Panasonic GH4, the Metabones speed booster and the Kipon EF-MFT AF adapter (above). One provides an APS-C field of view as well as more light for indoor shooting from my Canon glass and the other doubles the reach of lenses like the 135mm f2 while providing reliable AF performance.

While the Kipon doesn’t provide a focal reducer, it was the first adapter to provide good autofocus performance when using Canon glass on a GH4 body. It took Metabones almost 4 months to implement the same features after the Kipon EF-MFT AF adapter was released and that Metabones firmware update is actually what kept me from selling off my Metabones adapter.

The nice thing about both the Kipon and Metabones adapter is that both companies continue to release firmware updates. The latest version of Kipon firmware can be found here. The update improves AF for lenses above 135mm focal length and fixes issues with the original Canon 35mm f1.4. You can also find the latest Metabones firmware update here.

I’m glad to see that both companies continue to provide updates for their adapters. Now if I could just fix the rattling lens element in my $600 Metabones adapter, I’d be set. Quality control, it’s a good thing Metabones…




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