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26Nov RODE’s Videomic pro 10 year warranty is very impressive

I’ve been using a pair of RODE videomic pro since 2012. They’ve been great for sync sound and interview audio over the years and always make it into my camera bag. After almost 4 years of use, I finally managed to break the cradle off while chasing actress into a car. I, didn’t really have […]

14Mar Wireless boom mic transmitter under $200

This is just a quick test of the Wi Audiolink from Jangus digital. I’ve been using this little stereo transmitter for scratch audio and monitoring for quit sometime, but I never took the time to test it out with a the iRig pre or Rode VideoMic Pro. Turns out it could be perfect for a […]

15Nov Rode VideoMic pro w/free copy of Plural Eyes 3

If you need a simple compact microphone, the Rode VideoMIC Pro is at the top of the list. It’s small, light weight, and it offers up to 20db of gain, which makes the output much more friendly to DSLR users then the original Rode VideoMic. Right now B&H is offering up a free copy of […]

12Mar Connecting your Rode VideoMic to an XLR input

After posting that Micover v.s. Deadcat windscreen tests, I received a number of e-mails asking to explain how I connected the two microphones up at the same time. So I thought I’d cover the 3.5mm Female to XLR Male adapter that makes it possible. Yes that is the Beachtek DXA-SLR it’s plugged into. I’m still working on […]

08Mar Micover Windscreen for the Rode VideoMic Pro

As soon as I heard the results of the Rode Deadcat windscreen test, I returned it and ordered the Micover windscreen designed for the VideoMic pro. As you can see the windscreen is made of the exact same material as the one used on the Rode VideoMic in the video. It looks a lot nicer, […]

03Mar Rode Deadcat v.s. Micover Windscreen Video Review

Windscreens for your microphones are well worth the money, especially if you plan to shoot in outdoor conditions. Up for comparison today is the official Rode DeadCat windscreen and the unofficial Micover windscreen. The first is $40 while the second is around $20. As you listen to each audio track it’s pretty easy to hear […]

27Feb Rode Deadcat v.s. Micover windscreen – First impressions

Adding a windscreen to your microphone is a good way to reduce wind noise when you’re filming outdoors. There are many options on the market and some cost more then others. Above is the Micover Slip on windscreen attached to the Rode VideoMic. At a price tag of around $24 it covers the VideoMic with […]

14Feb Rode VideoMic Pro – First impression

The Rode VideoMic has been a very popular compact camera mounted shotgun mic for quit a while, mine has lasted me more then 6 years with nothing more then a rubber band change out. When the Rode VideoMic Pro was released back in late 2010 I spent some time going over the specs and it looks like […]