As soon as I heard the results of the Rode Deadcat windscreen test, I returned it and ordered the Micover windscreen designed for the VideoMic pro. As you can see the windscreen is made of the exact same material as the one used on the Rode VideoMic in the video. It looks a lot nicer, fits very securely, and should provide the same level of wind protection (haven’t had a chance to test it yet).

There is no velcro to get stuck in the fuzz like the Rode Deadcat which means the end of the windscreen does slide over the back controls when fully installed. This seems to be a much better way of attachment and feels more secure then the flimsy velcro tabs on the Rode Deadcat.

If you need to turn the Rode VideoMic pro on or off, all you need to do is slide the slip over cover up then slide it back down. The Micover label tab seems to work well as a handle for this part, I don’t know if that was the intention but it is nice.

I’ll post some audio samples of the Micover Windscreen on the Rode VideoMic Pro once I have a chance to stand outside in tornado warning weather. But I think both of my Rode Microphones will be wearing their Micover Windscreens permanently.

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