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31May ART USB DUAL preamp video review

I finally had a chance to do some testing on the ART USB DUAL preamp. The quality and range of its preamps aren’t life changing. There is a bit of high end roll off and the audio ends up sounding a little bit muddy. But overall it did as good or better then I would […]

30May Zoom H1 Shock mount in the wild.

I just received the first pictures of the Zoom H1 Shock mount in the wild from Paula.  She wanted me to note that the shock mount is turned around in the photo. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if she hadn’t pointed it out. The unit looks nice on her canon 60D, I kind of feel like a […]

29May Juicedlink DS214 adapter ready to go.

It seems easy to just come up with a good idea and say poof “here it is”, but in truth, designs made with the makerbot arn’t quit that simple. The stack of 5 in the picture are just a few of the designs that didn’t work out. Some fell apart because of settings, some were just […]

28May 3 Legged adjustable camera support rig.

I see this rig for sale all the time on ebay. When they first started popping up the price tag was somewhere in the $300 range, but over the last 8 months the price has dropped to something a little more reasonable. Now you can pick one up for just under $100. The rig is […]

26May Another cheap Focus lever follow focus.

Geared follow focus setups can be costly. Another option is to attach something to your lens. Or for $8 you can buy one of these. It’s basically a tie wrap with a hole and an adapter that allows you to attach a rod. The rod gives you subtle control over lens focusing. It’s a good […]

25May PTP Camera controller for your DSLR.

I was trying to hunt down CHDK info on the Canon 7d when I came across this strange looking device. Basically it’s an all in one camera controller that can be run from a 9 volt battery. When I say “all in one” I mean this thing can actually control video and photography on just about […]

25May Discount on a new Makerbot.

A number of you have expressed interest in buying your own makerbot. I was surfing around this morning and found one for sale on ebay with a buy it now price of $1000. Every once in awhile people buy one of these without understanding the amount of time it takes to put one together. Once […]

24May Zoom H1 shock mount adapter, Second Run.

Parts are in! More of the Zoom H1 shock mounts are now available. First come first serve guys. If you need shipping outside of the United States select “other countries”. This adds $2 to the cost in order to cover overseas shipping. SOLD OUT Juiced link DS214 mounts coming soon.

24May Android Cellphones could be your next field monitor.

I was catching up on my tech news this morning and had a chance to watch Google’s keynote on Gingerbread and HoneyComb. If you’re not sure what those two names mean, basically they represent the next round of operating system upgrades for mobile Android devices like the Motorola Xoom tablet and the HTC thunderbolt. As I watched the keynote […]

22May More Zoom H1 shock mount spam.

Most of my week has been taken up with the Zoom H1 shock mount adapter I’ve been working on. A few people wanted me to step on it and pitch it off a roof to make sure they would stand up to normal use. Turns out they do. I was also trying to work out […]