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24Mar Canon EOS-M Rig

The Canon EOS-M is a pretty tiny little camera and there’s not a whole lot of room to mount accessories. In order to make the camera a little larger and add a few more mounting spots I attach it to this used flash bracket and a Giottos MH652 quick release plate. I’ve made a few makeshift updates […]

12Mar Canon EOS-M in-depth film kit overview video

As promised here is the in-depth EOS-M film kit overview with a close look at pretty much everything in my kit. I’m working on a full review of the EOS-M and hope to have it up before I get flooded by NAB content. Although I have a number of Canon FD lenses, Crini mentioned the […]

10Mar Quick look at my EOS-M film kit

Here’s a quick look at the basic kit I’ve been using with the Canon EOS-M body. This bag has been lent out on 5 different shoots so far and everyone that’s used it seems to be pretty happy with the results. This is just a quick overview, I should have a deeper look at the […]

17Feb Canon EOS-M questions answered

I finally got my Canon EOS-M body back so I thought I’d take the opportunity to test a few things out and answer a few of the questions that have been coming in about the camera. To make sure everything is up to date, I went ahead and downloaded the latest nightly build of Magic […]

21Jan Canon EOS-M down to $234

If you are in the market for a really low price camera, second camera, or danger cam for filming, the EOS-M body is now down to $234 on ebay and $237 on amazon. The EOS-M can be adapted to just about any lens including old FD lenses like the Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 and the Canon […]

26Nov Canon EOS-M w/ 18-55mm lens $299

The Canon EOS-M continues to drop in price. As of this writing, B&H is offering up the Canon EOS-M body with 18-55mm kit lens for just $299 with free shipping. Considering the lens has a resale value of around $120, you’re basically getting an EOS-M body for right at $180, making it when of the […]

13Oct Canon EF-M 22mm f2 STM lens – First impressions

The Canon EF-M 22mm f2 prime is a must for Canon EOS-M owners. Currently the only prime designed specifically for the EF-M mount, it’s 22mm design gives you a 35mm field of view on a crop sensor body. Even though f2 isn’t exactly ground breaking in the world of prime lenses, the $99 (with free […]

09Oct Canon FD 35-105mm f3.5 lens on the EOS-M body

The Canon FD 35-105mm F3.5 lens can be had for well under $100 on ebay and offers up an equivalent 56-168mm field of view on the Canon EOS-M body. That range easily covers medium to close up shots making it an ideal and affordable zoom to pair with the Canon EOS-M. (Above) The lens is […]

07Oct Canon EOS-M HDMI output

A few people were asking about the HDMI output of the Canon EOS-M. In this case I have the magic lantern overlays enabled, but basically it’s a cropped 1080p signal that’s very similar to the Canon 7d‘s hdmi output. There isn’t any change to the hdmi output when you hit record and no blinking to […]

01Oct Canon 55mm f1.2 FD lens on the EOS-M body

In the past I’ve strongly recommended against using FD glass on modern Canon cameras. This is because the flange distance on a normal Canon DSLR requires you to use an optical adapter or in some cases a specially machined adapter that only works with some lenses and is very expensive for what it is ($70 or […]