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I finally got my Canon EOS-M body back so I thought I’d take the opportunity to test a few things out and answer a few of the questions that have been coming in about the camera. To make sure everything is up to date, I went ahead and downloaded the latest nightly build of Magic lantern for the EOS-M.

Canon eos-m qa (1 of 1)

First up is audio monitoring. Although that option does appear in the Magic Lantern menu, audio monitoring does not currently work on the Canon EOS-M. You can turn it on or off but you will not get any audio out of the USB port on the side of the Camera via the adapter. Hopefully there will be progress on this in the future, but as of right now it does not work.

When you have the current version of Magic Lantern installed on the Canon EOS-M audio level meters in ML do not start reporting levels until recording is started. On screen level meters work fine in record mode, but before you hit the record button the meters report no sound.

To access Magic lantern controls and settings on the Canon EOS-M you need to tap the touch screen with two fingers. While the ML menus are displayed you can use the “MENU” button on the back of the camera to change between the touch friendly and standard ML menu system, both of which provide access to the same set of controls.

Focus peaking, zebras, and Magic zoom all work on the EOS-M. In fact about 80% of the Magic Lantern features are up and running on the EOS-M so if you’ve used ML on other cameras, you should feel right at home.

Canon eos-m qa (1 of 2)

Next up DSLR Controller. The app does not work with the Canon EOS-M plugged directly into the tablet. I tested this out multiple times via usb connection and the app does not see the EOS-M. When using the TP-Link wireless method, DSLR controller seems to detect the camera, but the EOS-M immediately goes into file transfer mode and no controls are enabled.

Last but not least, EOS Utility. This app does not work correctly with the Canon EOS-M, you can download photos and change a few settings but the camera control and view options are disabled. I’m told this was done intentionally by Canon in order to distinguish the EOS-M’s place in Canon’s camera line up.

Hopefully that answers most of the questions I’ve been sent. If you have any other questions about the EOS-M, let me know and try and test them out while I have the camera around. Current price for the EOS-M body on Amazon is still $234 which still makes it a pretty attractive buy even if there are a few features disabled.

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