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30Sep Canon EOS-M – first impressions

I think the Canon EOS-M might be my new recommendation for filmmakers on a tight budget. I used to recommend the Canon t2i, but the price of the EOS-M makes it very attractive. You get a much smaller form factor, more lens options thanks to the flange distance, and you no longer have to deal […]

30Sep Canon 6d body $1499

Canon 6d’s on sale again at$1499 it’s as low as I’ve seen it and ebay has it on sale yet again. This is a one day only deal and limited quantity so if you want one you should probably jump on it. It’s the same ebay seller I bought my 6d from a few months back, […]

26Sep Canon 22mm f2.0 EF-M $106

I actually had a lot of stuff planned for this week, but my truck was attacked by a pack of wild dogs (no joke) while I was working on a job. They actually ate the wiring harness, ABS wires, hydraulic lines, and managed to dislodge the front bumper. Feels like something you’d in an e-mail […]

17Sep Canon EOS-M discontinued, Still no replacement?

  I’ve been seeing the Canon EOS-M price drops everywhere. With the development of Canon’s first new APS-C sensor in years (found in the Canon 70d), I thought we’d see an announcement of a new and improved EOS-M with a better auto focus system built around the new sensor. This morning I found several online […]

16Sep Stacking Grid Light modifier

There are a number of DIY projects that show you how to build one of these grid light modifiers out of straws, foam core, and electrical tape. Most of the methods I’ve seen use around $10 to $15 in parts and supplies. This is pretty reasonable when compared to the $50 grid from Rogue, but if […]

13Sep Light Blaster Strobe looks pretty interesting

You don’t often see something new or innovative in the world of flash photography. Sure there are advances in wireless controls, and lower price flash units are coming with more and more features, but overall it’s just been improvements on the same thing. The Light Blaster Strobe is actually the first light modifier style flash device that’s […]

13Sep Canon EOS-M with 18-55mm $309

Newegg has the Canon EOS-m with 18-55mm kit lens on sale right now for $309. Sell the lens for $120 and you’ve effectively bought a t4i in a smaller package for $189. That’s a hell of a good price for a starter camera, even if the AF system isn’t great. Also note that just like […]

12Sep Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VC $889.99

I swear this is the last crazy Ebay Deal I’ll post today. The Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 VC lens has become a staple in my lenses collection over the last year or so and it’s one of the first lenses I pack for just about any project. The VC (vibration control) makes it great for hand held […]

12Sep OCZ Agility 3 480GB SSD $286.98

Seems like there are a lot of ebay Deals going on today. Regardless, this is a very tempting price on a large capacity SSD. Right now seller onsale-ecost is offering up the OCZ Agility 3 480GB SSD’s for just $282.99 with $3.99 shipping ($286.98). This drive might not be the worlds fastest ssd, but it’s still […]

12Sep Canon 6d body on sale again $1599

The Canon 6d is back on sale yet again. This time the price is $1599 with free shipping. It’s the same seller I ordered my 6d from a few months ago (after I canceled my BMPCC order) and the camera body was delivered quick and packaged well. As usual with these sales the supplies are […]