I actually had a lot of stuff planned for this week, but my truck was attacked by a pack of wild dogs (no joke) while I was working on a job. They actually ate the wiring harness, ABS wires, hydraulic lines, and managed to dislodge the front bumper. Feels like something you’d in an e-mail chain letter.

Regardless, I now have a Canon eos-m in for testing. At it’s original price, the EOS-M was a waste of money, but now that the body is on sale (almost every other weekly for under $200) it’s a very good buy. If you do end up with the body only or the version that comes with the 18-55mm kit lens, you might still want to have the only ef-m mount prime available for this body. Right now you can find it new on ebay for just $106 with free shipping, that’s around $80 less than anywhere else.

Now that I’ve got my truck in the shop and a replacement rental car, life is somewhat “back to normal”. Flooding is still a problem, but at least the roads are opening back up. I should have some more info and first impressions up on the Canon eos-m this weekend. I’ll keep you posted.