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14Feb 3 legged Spider DSLR Rig price drop to $59

Yiannis pointed this one out to me this morning. Looks like the price on the 3 legged DSLR Movie Rig (spider) has dropped again. You can now find it on Amazon for $59 making it one of the lowest price DSLR rigs on the market. This rig isn’t perfect, but for the price it’s a great value. You […]

13Feb Samson Airline Micro Tested with the Rode Videomic

The audio I recorded during the Samson Airline Micro test seemed to add a little bit of bass making the audio sound a little bit muddy. The system also seemed to have a slight audio hiss to it when I was testing. Neither of these things were bad enough to be a deal breaker, but I […]

10Feb Samson Airline Micro UHF wireless system – first impression

I’ve come to the point where I need a few extra UHF wireless microphones systems around. The Sennhieser G2 wireless system I use right now works great and most of the time the two sets I use are plenty, but lately I’ve run into situations where it would be nice to have one or 2 […]

10Feb Letus Talon DSLR 7D 5D Cage – Review

If you can remember back in the late 90’s when standard definition DV cameras like the Canon GL1 where all the rage, then the name Letus should be familiar to you. They were responsible for making some of the early 35mm lens adapters for DV cameras that didn’t require you to position your camera upside down. It seems […]

04Dec Konova Slider Updated

I’ve been using the Konova slider for quit awhile and it’s worked great, but I’ve always wished I would have spent a little more on a slightly longer model. It always seemed like I ended up needing just a little bit more track to finish shots, and Konova recently released an update to there original slider. […]

13Sep Ram mount 1″ ball adapters: buyers guide

I’m a big fan of Ram Mount 1 inch ball adapters, they’re easy to mount, come in all kinds of configurations, and they’re very rugged. The only problem with Ram Mount is that they make a lot of stuff and because of that their website is about as organized as a riot in a prison yard. Whats worse […]

06Sep DualEyes and Pluraleyes 2.0 Multiprocessor support

If you’re a Canon 7d owner like myself, you’ve probably learned to deal with dual system sound. The cheapest way to go is to keep notes on your footage and manually sync audio in post. This is usually fine for 3 or 4 min shorts, but when you start getting into bigger projects with hundreds of clips, […]

17Mar Haier 7″ HLT71 Video review.

So after spending a few days with the Haier 7″ monitor I had a chance to run all the tests I could think of. I also spent some time going through all the settings in the menu. The color and contrast aren’t amazing out of this monitor, and the screen isn’t extremely bright. But It will […]

27Feb CPM FILM TOOLS Cube Cage 3.0 DSLR RIG Review

I’ve spent my weekend testing and filming. My living room is covered in camera rig parts and tripod stands. So what does all of this mean? It means that The CPM FILM TOOLS Cube Cage review is done. So lets spend a little bit of time talking about the Cube Cage 3.0.  As with all […]

24Feb Adding headphone monitoring to the Dirt Cheap $28 monitor project

So if you gave the Dirt Cheap Monitor project a try awhile back, this might be just what you needed. Freyguyproductions wrote in asking “What would you suggest for stronger audio sources?” The first thing that came to mind was a hearing aid amplifier. So I started rummaging around the net and found something even better. The FiiO […]